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His Excellency Mr. Afzaal Mahmood

Ambassador of Pakistan to UAE

His Excellency Mr. Afzaal Mahmood took over as Ambassador of Pakistan to United Arab Emirates on 27 January 2021 after serving as Ambassador of Pakistan to the Kingdom of Bahrain since August 2018.

He worked as Director General for Americas and Europe after returning from a 3-year assignment in Houston, USA in September 2016.

He served in the United States as Consul General for 10 Southern States.

His earlier diplomatic assignments are:

Deputy/Acting High Commissioner of Pakistan in Bangladesh (2009-2013)

Political Counsellor in Kenya (2004-2007)

Second Secretary (Political) in Canada (2001-2004)

Third Secretary in Indonesia (1994-1998)

Mr. Mahmood represented Pakistan at the United Nations Environment Program and United Nations Human Settlements Program in Nairobi as Deputy Permanent Representative during 2004-2007.

His other multilateral assignments included occasional representation at ASEAN, SAARC and Climate Change meetings in Indonesia, East Africa, Bangladesh and Germany.

He also worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as Assistant Director, Deputy Director and Director, responsible for Iran-Turkey, Europe and South Asia.

He graduated in Economics from the Government Post Graduate College, Chakwal and was trained in Turkish language at Ankara University, Turkey.

The Ambassador speaks Turkish and Indonesian languages, in addition to Urdu, English and Punjabi.

Ambassador Afzaal Mahmood is married and has two daughters and a son.

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