28 December 2020 – Promoting academic & training collaboration: Embassy helped organize an online lecture discussion by Mr. Flavius Caba-Maria, President of MEPEI Bucharest, Romania, for Pakistani diplomats who are presently undergoing training at the Foreign Service Academy, Islamabad


26 December 2020 – Pak exports to Romania increased by over 25% during first five months (July-Nov) of current FY 2020-21 (y-o-y). Romanian businesses being encouraged to increase their profit margins by sourcing products from Pakistan – a win-win situation for both sides


19 December 2020 – Romanian businesspersons’ meeting with Ambassador (follow-up on Amb’s Nov visit to Iasi region). Discussions focused on establishing joint trading companies to facilitate and enhance bilateral trade.


10 December 2020 – In the follow-up for the October meeting between H.E. Dr. ZafarIqbal, Ambassador of Pakistan to Romania and Mr. Flavius Caba-Maria, President, Middle East Political & Economic Institute (MEPEI), anMoU signed on Collaboration between MEPEI Bucharest and Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad.



Amb Dr Zafar Iqbal visited northeastern Romanian regions of Iaşi and Vaslui and met President County Council Iaşi, Mayor of Iaşi, President County Council of Vaslui and Mayor of Vaslui. The regions have growing IT, Industrial, Food and Tourism sectors. The highlights of the visit included a detailed round table with company representatives on promotion of Pak-Romania trade relations held at Iaşi Chamber of Commerce and Industry and an interactive session with business community of Vaslui

9 November 2020


27 October 2020 – آجمقبوضہجموں و کشمیرپربھارتکےغیرقانونیاورجبریتسلطکے 73 سالھونےپرسفارتخانہپاکستانبُخارسٹمیںیومسیاہمنایاگیا ۔ تقریبمیںپاکستانیاورکشمیریکمیونٹینےشرکتکی ۔ اسموقعپرصدرمملکتاوروزیراعظمکےخصوصیپیغاماتپڑھکرسنائےگئے ۔ سفارتخانےمیںایکخصوصیتصویرینمائشکااھتمامبھیکیاگیاجسمیںبھارتیقابضافواجکےکشمیریوںپرجاریظلم و استبدادکودکھایاگیا۔ تقریبمیںمقبوضہکشمیرمیںبھارتیمظالمپربنائیگئیایکخصوصیدستاویزیفلمبھیدکھائیگئی ۔ تقریبکااختتاممظلومکشمیریوںکیلئےخصوصیدُعااوراستجدیدعہدکےساتھھواکہپاکستانکشمیریوںکےحقخودارادیتکےحصولتکانکیجدوجہدکیہرطرحسےحمایتجاریرکھےگا


07 October 2020 – Foreign Secretary Sohail Mahmood & Romanian State Secretary Cornel Feruta held consultations virtually today. Exchange of views covered growing Pakistan-Romania ties, enhanced political & economic engagement, Covid-19, IIOJK, Afghan peace process. Agreed to upgrade bilateral & multilateral cooperation.



06 October 2020 – Embassy of Pakistan Bucharest among the participants invited to virtual Economic Diplomacy meeting presided over by the Foreign Minister. The participants were briefed about efforts underway to promote trade & investment relations between Romania and Pakistan.


28 September 2020 – 🇵🇰AmbDrZafarIqbal visited Târgoviște (county capital of Dâmbovița – a region with strong textile, metallurgical, petroleum, chemical, food and construction equipment industry sectors). During the meeting with Mr. ValentinCalcan, President of Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Dâmbovița, discussions focused on strengthening bilateral cooperation in #trade&#investment areas.



22 September 2020 – Amb Dr. ZafarIqbal met President of Chamber of Commerce & Industry of #Ilfov Mr. Dan Dumitru to discuss strengthening bilateral #trade&#investment relations with Ilfov – a region having strong industrial, retail, and construction sector



17 September 2020 – Amb Dr. ZafarIqbal met Mr. MihaiDaraban, President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of #Romania  today. Strengthening bilateral trade and investment remains the focus of Mission’s efforts.


16 September 2020 -Ambassador Dr.ZafarIqbal met Dr. Ing. Costică T. Mustaţă, President of Bucharest Chamber of Commerce & Industry today. Discussed ways & means to enhance bilateral trade, economic and investment relations.



13 September 2020 – Award Ceremony at the conclusion of European Cricket Series (Romania chapter organized by Cricket Romania)



11 September 2020 – The whole gamut of Pakistan-Romania relations, including political, economic, trade and investment, climate change and people-to-people exchanges came under discussion during Amb Dr. ZafarIqbal’s meeting with Mr. RaduSafta, Director General (Global Affairs) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs #Bucharest.


03 September 2020 – Amb. Dr. ZafarIqbal had a meeting with Mr. Răzvan E. Pîrjol, State Secretary (Foreign Trade & Tourism) at the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Business Environment of Romania today. Discussed enhancing bilateral, economic, trade and investment relations.



02 September 2020 – Amb. Dr. ZafarIqbal had a meeting today with Ms. SimonaCojocaru, State Secretary/Chief of the Department for Defence Policy, Planning and International Relations of Romania. Discussed bilateral, regional and global issues of mutual interest.


01 September 2020 – Ambassador Dr. ZafarIqbal held meeting with Mr. AndiCristea, Director General, External Parliamentary Cooperation (Senate) of Romania today. Discussions focused on strengthening parliamentary linkages through enhanced collaboration/exchange of visits between friendship groups in the parliaments of Pakistan and Romania.


28 August 2020 – As part of Embassy’s efforts to promote trade &investment and economic cooperation between Pakistan and Romania, Ambassador Dr. ZafarIqbal visited northern Romanian region of #Maramures and had meetings with regional county President Gabriel ValerZetea and local businesspersons in the county capital Baia Mare.



26 August 2020 – Amb Dr. ZafarIqbal met Mr. Gheorghe Savuica, President of Romanian Institute of Euro-Asian Studies and discussed promoting linkages between Pakistani and Romanian intelligentsia and think tanks.


A flag hoisting ceremony was held in the Embassy today to mark the 74th Independence Day of Pakistan. The event was attended by Pakistani community members in Romania.

During the event, Ambassador Dr. Zafar Iqbal conducted the flag hoisting of the national flag. At this occasion, messages from the President and the Prime Minister were also read out. In his remarks, the Ambassador underscored the importance of the Independence Day of Pakistan and highlighted the struggle of the Pakistani nation in combating different challenges faced by the country since its inception. He also urged upon the community to conduct themselves in Romania in a manner that adds to the honor and dignity of Pakistan. On the above occasion, the Ambassador also highlighted the need to remember on this day, while celebrating our independence, the struggle of the Kashmiri brethren for their right of self-determination in the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) especially following Indian unilateral and illegal actions of 05 August 2019.

14 August 2020



12 August 2020 – As part of Embassy’s efforts to enhance economic and commercial content in Pak-Romania relationship, Amb Dr. ZafarIqbal held a meeting with President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) Prahova / Vice President (Economic Diplomacy) Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mr. Aurelian Gogulescu. Ways and means to enhance bilateral economic and trade relations were discussed.

12 August 2020



Youm-e-Istehsal 2020

5 August 2020






On 29 July 2020, the Ambassador of Pakistan to Romania His Excellency Dr. ZafarIqbal presented his Letter of Credence to the President of Romania, His Excellency Klaus Iohannis.

During the meeting after the presentation of credentials ceremony, President Iohannis underscored the importance that Romania attached to its relationship with Pakistan. Dr. ZafarIqbal, in turn, expressed that it was his honour to have the duty, over the next few years, to strengthen bilateral ties and explore ways of furthering trade, investment and economic cooperation as well as people-to-people links between Pakistan and Romania.

Dr. ZafarIqbal’s professional background encompasses 20 years as a career diplomat. He was Director General (Human Resource & Career Planning) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan since September 2018 prior to his appointment as the Ambassador of Pakistan to Romania. Earlier, Dr. ZafarIqbal served as Director General (Americas) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Islamabad. He was Pakistan’s Deputy Head of Mission at the country’s Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine; First Secretary at the Embassy of Pakistan, Berlin, Germany; and Second Secretary at the Embassy of Pakistan, Tunis, Tunisia.

Diplomatic relations between Pakistan and Romania were formally established in 1964 and since then both countries have enjoyed warm friendly relations.



23 July 2020 – H.E. Dr. ZafarIqbal, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to Romania presented copy of his credentials to H.E. Mr. Cornel Feruta, State Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania, Bucharest today. During the meeting, different issues of mutual interest came up for discussion. Both sides reiterated their common objective of continuing their efforts towards taking Pakistan-Romania relations to a higher pedestal.

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