Consular Jurisdiction: Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan Provinces and Chongqing Municipality


General Regulations

  • The Consulate General does not issue any such certificates on its own and only counter-attests certificates/Affidavits already attested by the Foreign Office of Pakistan or Foreign Office of China.
  • All documents issued from Pakistan or China must be attested by its respective Foreign Offices.
  • Fee for attestation of documents is received in cash at Office Counter.
  • The applicant must attach a copy of the document to be counter-attested the original one along with copies of passport and ID.



Visa for Chinese nationals

Holders of Diplomatic and Official Passports of the People’s Republic of China do not require visa for visit and stay in Pakistan for up to one month.

General information

  • Please visit to for Online Visa Application Form.
  • Passports are not accepted by parcel. The Consulate General does not take any responsibility of loss of passport in transit/parcel.
  • CNIC, means national Identity Card Number.
  • Please do give details of sponsor/ invitation letter received from Pakistan. Inviting companies are desired to have GST numbers and registration with chamber of commerce for verification (GST means sales tax Number).
  • The applicant is not guaranteed a visa when he applies. The applicant may submit a visa application and a decision will be made if a visa will be granted or not.
  • Additional documents may be requested after reviewing his visa application. If this is the case the applicant would receive a call/email from our office.
  • The applicant is advised not to book/purchase his flight before receiving his travel document. This is recommended in case of his visa is denied/delayed or his shipment is delayed/lost from the courier.
  • During visit to Pakistan, the visa holder is requested not to engage in any activity not compatible with the purpose of the visit mentioned on his Visa sticker.
  • Visa holder must not enter any prohibited/restricted area without prior permission of the Ministry of Interior/concerned Home Department.
  • Visa application will be returned un-processed in the following cases: i) No original passport provided. ii) Passport sent without duly filled in visa application form.
  • Returning the application would not mean the denial of visa. The applicant can re-send his application after fulfilling all the requirements.

General Documents for all types of visas

  • Completely online filled in Visa Application Form (printed copy of online visa application).
  • Original Passport with the validity for at least six more months
  • Copies of Passport and Identity Card.
  • Two recent passport size coloured photographs (1×1 inches) and in electronic format (soft copy in USB or by email) as well.
  • Detail of tentative/confirmed flight (arrival in Pakistan)
  • Authorization Letter from the Company/applicant in case of the authorized representative submits the documents

Business Visa (Additional Documents)

  • Dispatch letter from Chinese Company, The applicant needs to give sponsor/ inviting company details in application form
  • The applicant also needs to give details of main purpose of Business visit about upcoming projects & meetings etc in Dispatch Letter.
  • Letter from China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), China Chamber of International Commerce.
  • Invitation letter from Pakistani company
  • Letter from Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Note: CCPIT and Pak CCI Documents are not required in case of the applicant is invited by the Pakistan Government Department).

Work/CPEC Visa (Additional Documents)

  • Work Visas are only issued to those applicants working on CPEC related Project.
  • Dispatch letter from Chinese Company, The applicant needs to give CPEC projects details.
  • A copy of Contract Agreement on the specific CPEC project.
  • Invitation letter from Pakistan Government Department or Company (if any)

Visit Visa (Additional Documents)

  • Invitation letter/ Affidavit (along with copy of identity card, passport) from Pakistani National.
  • Personal Bank Statement for the last six months, duly signed and stamped by the Bank.
  • Reference letter from applicant’s present employer. If self-employed, any document proving its status as such.

Family Visa (Additional Documents)

  • Copy of marriage certificate/ family registration document (attested by the Chinese Foreign Affairs Office).¬†Applicant’s family “includes spouse, son daughter, father, and mother.
  • Copy of ID card and Passport of the relative in Pakistan.
  • Reference letter from applicant’s present employer. If self-employed, any document proving his status as such.
  • For minors, both parents’ consent duly attested by Notary Public is required for processing visa for children. Certified copy of child’s birth certificate must also be provided.

Tourist Visa

    • Certification from applicant’s company/institution
    • Guarantee letter/ Invitation letter from authorized Pakistani Tourist operator stating the purpose and duration of the visit as well as cities and places to be visited. (invitation letter provided by authorized tour operator should be approved from relevant government department).
    • If the purpose of visit is trekking/ mountaineering, then the applicant must provide an Invitation letter from tour operator in Pakistan, Registration letter of tour operator with Ministry of Tourism in Pakistan, and the Trekking/Expedition permit issued by the Gilgit-Baltistan Council.
    • Trekking: (Below 6000 meters) Permit is not required. Mountaineering: Permit is required for mountaineering before visa is issued.


  • For information/rules, charges and permits for climbing peaks,
    please contact the following, well in advance of the mountaineering expeditions:
    Section Officer, Gilgit Baltistan Council Secretariat, Benevolent Fund Building, Block “B”, Zero Point, Islamabad,
    Tel: +92-51-9253270; Fax: +92-51-9253262.

Please see the following websites for more information on mountaineering and trekking in Pakistan:


  • Personal Bank Statement for the last six months, duly signed and stamped by the Bank

Study Visa

  • Student visa need NOC from Pakistan Ministry of Interior and hence process takes minimum about 1-2 months.
  • Copies of Admission letter from the academic institution/ university in Pakistan.
  • Copies of Letter from Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.
  • Evidence of financial support for studies in Pakistan.
  • In case of Muslim students, please also attach recommendation letter from China Islamic Association.

Visa Application by Nationals of Other Countries:


In addition to the requirements listed above for various types of visas the additional requirements are listed below:


  • Residence and Work permit (original and photocopy).




  • Visa Fee as applicable according to the Nationality of the applicant. The applicant must have a viable reason to visit and invitation letter.


Note: Nationals of other countries visiting China (as visitors, tourists) are advised to apply for visa at the Pakistani Embassy in their country of residence or the Pakistani Embassy concurrently accredited to their country.



This is to inform that according to the ICAO deadline, Manual Passports are not valid for international travel w.e.f. 1st October, 2016. All Pakistani nationals staying in China are requested to obtain Machine Readable Passports from the Embassy of Pakistan in Beijing or to apply online.

Directorate General of Immigration and Passports of Pakistan (IMPASS) and National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), Pakistan have introduced online services for expatriate Pakistanis. Their details are as follows: –


Services Name of the Government
Web Link
Renewal of Machine Readable Passport, if the passport has expired OR its validity is less than 7 months IMPASS
Issuance of Pakistani Identity Card/Pakistan Origin Card/ Family Registration Certificate NADRA


All the requisite information is available on the above web links. For further information/query or in case of delay of Passport/Card/Certificate, please approach the concerned Department directly through the above web links.


The Embassy of Pakistan in Beijing has launched its new The website contains all the details regarding procedure/documentation required for visa application and various consular services including issuance/renewal of Passport, Issuance of Birth Registration Form, attestation of documents etc.

2. All Pakistani expatriates may visit the above website to ensure that they have completed all the documentation before applying for consular services at the Consulate General of Pakistan, Chengdu.

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