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05 August 2019

Article 370 scrapped; J & K to be split into union territories

India revokes disputed Kashmir’s special status with rush decree

'Dark day for democracy': Mehbooba Mufti on scrapping of Article 370 for India’s Jammu and Kashmir

India to allow Hindu settlers to buy property in Muslim-majority Kashmir for first time, sparking massive protests revocation of Article 370 of India’s constitution is biggest shake-up of fragile situation in Kashmir for 70 years

India revokes Kashmir's special status after seven decades amid security crackdown in disputed region

India introduces resolution to end Kashmir’s special status

India's government said Monday it was revoking the special constitutional status of disputed Kashmir, hours after imposing a major security clampdown on the troubled Himalayan territory

India to try to revoke Kashmir's special status

Pakistan says India has taken 'illegal steps' in scrapping special status of Kashmir

India's government on Monday announced plans to revoke the special status of Kashmir, hours after authorities launched a clampdown in its only Muslim-majority region

Article 370: India begins process to revoke Kashmir's special status

New Delhi has declared it is revoking a decades-old constitutional provision that granted special powers to the Indian-controlled part of Kashmir. The announcement comes amid a security clampdown in the region

India's government has said it plans to revoke the part of the constitution that gives Indian-administered Kashmir special privileges

India revokes Kashmir's special status as thousands in lockdown

India abolishes Kashmir's autonomous status

India's government has moved to revoke the part of the constitution that gives Indian-administered Kashmir special status in an unprecedented move likely to spark unrest.

Indian government moves to revoke disputed Kashmir's special status

India said Monday it was revoking a constitutional provision granting certain autonomous powers to Indian-controlled Kashmir, setting the stage for new clashes in the disputed region

Inside Kashmir's crisis – And what happens next

India is creating its own West Bank in Kashmir

Kashmir under siege and forced into silence while India decides its future

06 August 2019

There is reason to fear for the safety of every Kashmiri in India

How India's actions in Kashmir could spark a new war with Pakistan

'India's cancellation of Kashmir's special status will have consequences

'Protests across Pakistan over India's 'illegal' move in contested Kashmir'

'Mod's Kashmir decision is the latest step in undoing Nehru's vision

'India's removal of Kashmir special status may face legal challenges; lawyers'

Two nuclear-armed States accuse India of harming sovereignty

Humiliating Kashmir is part of Modi's plan to remake India

Operation Kashmir: Has Modi checkmated Pakistan?

Imran Khan predicts rise in suicide bombing in Kashmir as Pakistan's army issues dire warning

India's Ladakh Buddhist enclave jubilant at new status but China angered

India Revokes Kashmir's Special Status, Raising Fears of Unrest

Article 370 revoked: Pakistan condemns Modi govt's Kashmir decision, calls it 'illegal

The world reacts to India's "illegal annexation" of Kashmir

07 August 2019

Article 370: Kashmiris express anger at loss of special status

India may not be able to halt backlash in Kashmir

CJP calls on India to ensure access to internet and communications services in Kashmir

India to allow Hindu settlers to buy property in Muslim-majority Kashmir for first time, sparking massive protests

India just pulled Jammu and Kashmir's autonomy. Here's why that is a big deal for this contested region.

08 August 2019

India is making a mistake in Kashmir

At least 300 Kashmiri politicians detained to quell protests

Modi's radical move on Kashmir takes India into unchartered territory

Tensions escalate over Kashmir

India's Kashmir clampdown: 'What will they get by jailing a population?'

What the Kashmir decision means for Indian federalism - and democracy

Guterres appeals for 'maximum restraint' over Jammu and Kashmir, as tensions rise

Kashmir: Why India and Pakistan fight over it

09 August 2019

Kashmir: Thousands flee border villages along Line of Control

Kashmiris cut off from loved ones as government enforced blackout countinues

Here's how India's decision to cut Kashmir's autonomy will affect South Asia – and the world

Scrapping Kashmir's special status is a dangerous gamble for India

Two Armies face off online as Kashmir wakes to a new reality

Thousands protest in Indian Kashmir over new status despite clampdown

India's move sans Kashmir assembly's say 'illegal;: Expert

Modi's act of tyranny in Kashmir will soon be the blueprint for all of India

Indian troops fire tear gas as mass protests erupt in Srinagar

The violent misogyny that partners India's stripping of Kashmiri autonomy

Kashmir lockdown - an uneasy calm prevails

India's 'Palestinization' of 'occupied Kashmir'

China calls on avoidance of unilateral actions on Kashmir issue

Narendra Modi’s new-model India

Key U.S. leaders question Modi India on Kashmiri rights

India Annexes Kashmir and Brings Us Back to Partition

10 August 2019

Inside Kashmir's lockdown: 'Even I will pick up a gun

Why Modi's Kashmir coup threatens India's democracy

Activist asks Muslim world to come forward for Kashmir

Kashmir curfew eased for Eid al-Adha, queues at stores and ATMs

Activist asks Muslim world to come forward for Kashmir

Kashmir protests continue over Article 370's revocation

Inside Kashmir, cut off from the world; 'A living hell of anger and fear'

As Eid approaches, Kashmiris sacrifice their rights and their bodies

Kashmiri pundits condemn abrogation of Article 370 in petition

This 17-Year-Old Was the First Pellet Victim of the 'Union Territory' of J&K

11 August 2019

China raises alarm over Kashmir with Tibet and Xinjiang in mind

Kashmir tensions spill over to Britian’s Pakistani and Indian communities

Kashmir curfew eased in Srinagar but blackout remains

Imran Khan likens inaction over Kashmir to appeasing Hitler

Amid 'disheartening Eid siege', Kashmiris try to reach loved ones

12 August 2019

Pakista'’s Imran Khan likens Indi'’s actions in Kashmir to Nazism

250 Kashmiri students of Aligarh Muslim University to boycott Centre’s Eid lunch

Kashmir issue proves India unqualified for UN Security Council seat

India needs to step back in Kashmir

Our hearts are on fire’; Kashmir spends Eid al-adha in lockdown

Imran Khan likens inaction over Kashmir to appeasing Hitler

India is precipitating a crisis in Kashhmir. It's time for the US to step in

Kashmir; World leaders only care about genocide after the fact

13 August 2019

Kashmir authorities say no pellet injuries, but there are 5 victims

Kashmir: Major mosques remain closed for Eid as Indian security crackdown continues

Article 370: Has India pushed Kashmir to a point of no return?

In a ravaged Kashmir, one woman's fight to give birth

Modi's India: A clear and present danger to global free speech

Kashmir is under the heel of India's colonialism

UK must help the 'half-widows' of Jammu and Kashmir

Kashmir: Modi's draconian measures will be fought by the working class of the entire region

14 August 2019

PM Khan: Modi has committed 'strategic blunder' in Kashmir

Kashmir caged: a fact-finding reportm

Pakistan's Imran Khan "will raise the issue of Kashmir at every global forum"

After U-turn on Srinagar protest, Govt now admits to using pellets

Govt. Arresting children in Kashmir, says activist KAvita Krishnan after Fact Finding Mission

Imran Khan vows to raise Kashmir issue at every global forum

'Occupation': India arrests more than 1,300 as embattled citizens reveal intensifying crackdown

India was miracle democracy. But it's time to downgrade its credentials

The case made liberals for abolishing the state of Jammu and Kashmir – and why it's flawed

Pakistan urges US to step in for resolving Kashmir issue

15 August 2019

Pakistan prepared to 'fight to the end' over Kashmir. Says PM Imran Khan

India shuts down Kashmir's internet access. Now, 'We cannot do anything'

The silence is the loudest sound

India marks Independence Day with its secular, postcolonial image in tatters

US watches warily as Pakistan warns of Indian-led genocide in Kashmir

Kashmir's struggle did not start in 1947 and will not end today

Indian troops detain Kashmiri journalist

Armed forces in Kashmir are detaining children and molesting women and girls amid a state-wide blackout, report claims

Kashmir's struggle did not start in 1947 and will not end today

In Kashmir's main city, only a few celebrate India's Independence Day

16 August 2019

Protests erupt in India-administered Kashmir after Friday prayers

Hundreds of protestors clash with police in Indian Kashmir

How a red dot symbolized Kashmiri resistance against India's move

A birth and a death amid Kashmir's harsh lockdown

One Solution, Gun Solu7tion" – Ground report: Kashmir in shock and anger The Kashmir crisis isn’t about territory. It's about a Hindu victory over Islam

India eases restrictions on Kashmir as UN action blocked

Kashmir crisis: what’s going on and why does it matter?

UN Security Council concludes closed-door meeting on Jammu and Kashmir

India vows to ease Kashmir clampdown as clashes with Pakistan continues

UN Security Council holds meeting to discuss Kashmir

UN Security Council has its first meeting on Kashmir in decades – and fails to agree on a statement

Trump - and the world – can only ignore India’s oppression of Kashmir for so long

A Kashmiri novelist on a state under siege

Kashmir shutdown ‘unprecedented’ for a democracy, says UN freedom of speech expert

One Solution, Gun Solution

17 August 2019

Kashmir is 'definitely a nuclear flashpoint,' Pakistan armed forces spokesman warns

Phone lines and internet partially restored in Kashmir as India eases two-week lockdown

India easing restrictions in Kashmir as international pressure mounts

Kashmir: Is the UN Security Council reluctant to get involved?

Easing of Kashmir clampdown begins, Indian authorities say

Schools, telephone lines to reopen in Kashmir after lockdown

Russia stuns India, invokes UN resolutions on Kashmir

Key Kashmir political leaders arrested by India since August 5

Kashmir is on lockdown, but Modi touts its investment potential

China says UN Council Members think India, Pakistan should refrain from unilateral action in Kashmir The Kashmir crisis isn't a out territory it’s about Hindu victory over Islam

Modi has stoked Kashmir's anger and stained India's democracy

State of Kashmir – How to disappear a people

India might resort to covert operations: Pakistan FM

18 August 2019

In a first, Russian talks of UN Resolutions on Kashmir

Kashmir move spells trouble for other Indian states

India reimposes movement curbs on parts of Kashmir's main city after clashes

Inside Kashmir on lockdown; Images show injured protesters and mass military build up

Curbs further eased in several areas in Kashmir, mobile , internet services snapped in Jammu

Solidarity with the people of Kashmir

India reimposes some curbs in Kashmir as stone-throwing spreads

Kashmiris caught in India-Pakistan trade blockage

Kashmir: India renews crackdown on citizens after violent clashes break out amid tensions with Pakistan

19 August 2019

Kashmir parents keep children out of school as tensions remain high

Kashmir schools re-open but students stay home

India orders Kashmir government staff back to work amid protests

Kashmir: India renews crackdown on citizens after violent clashes break out amid tensions with Pakistan

23 August 2019

India's Move in Kashmir: More Than 2,000 Rounded Up with No Recourse

Key hospitals in Kashmir treat more than 150 tear gas, pellet injuries

Press Council Intervenes in SC Petition to Back Media Restrictions in J&K

24 August 2019

Indian opposition leaders refused entry to Kashmir

'It took us days to even find out he was dead' - Kashmiris blocked from burying the dead as India reimposes unprecedented curfew/

26 Aug 2019

India: Government must immediately release Jammu and Kashmir political leaders

Kashmir and the Fire This Time

'What the occupying power can't hide

27 August 2019

Ghosts of Kashmir: Indian authorities refusing to issue death certificates for civilians killed in clashes, say families

'A storm has hit my life': the Kashmiri families torn apart by mass arrests

How Children Are Being 'Picked Up' in Night Raids Across Kashmir

Kashmir crisis: Hospitals turning patients away as doctors fear 'impending tragedy'

28 August 2019

India's Kashmir Clampdown Turns Hospitals Into ‘Graveyards’

India: Restore Kashmir's Internet, Phones Shutdown Infringes Basic Freedoms, Affects Essential Services, Harms Economy

Kashmir crisis: Hospitals turning patients away as doctors fear 'impending tragedy'

29 August 2019

'Plz Papa contact me': TV channel offers last line of contact to cut-off Kashmir

In Srinagar lockdown, how a reporter got news of his sister's miscarriage

Draconian, undemocratic and a human-rights violation: David Kaye, UN rights-expert, on Kashmir

Kashmir: How journalists face harassment and threats of violence while reporting from behind India's communications lockdown

Kashmir and the Rise of Ethno-Nationalism

Among the 3000 detained by Indian authorities in Kashmir: children

'Don't beat us, just shoot us': Kashmiris allege violent army crackdown

Fact checking Jammu and Kashmir Governor's claims of 'normalcy'

Kashmiris skeptic of India's promises of equal rights

No papers, no rights: how Modi plans to oust millions of 'foreigners' who have lived in India all their lives

Plz Papa contact me': TV channel offers last line of contact to cut-off Kashmir

30 August 2019

Imran Khan: The World Can’t Ignore Kashmir. We Are All in Danger.

'Kashmir Shutdown Raises Healthcare Concerns Doctors Warn that Blocked Communications Put Patients at Risk

Tensions Over Kashmir Rise but India Says No Plans for War

Kashmir Valley to remain under clampdown for two more months

Solidarity expressed with Kashmiri Muslims in Iran

Why Doctors and Medical Journals Are Fighting Over Health Care in Kashmir

Pakistan Stops for 30 Minutes to Show Solidarity with Kashmir

31 August 2019

How Children Are Being ‘Picked Up’ in Night Raids Across Kashmir

Pakistanis observe Intl. Day of Victims of Enforced Disappearances

Lessons of the second world war are at risk of being forgotten, or even rewritten

01 September 2019

JNU Asks Romila Thapar to Submit Her CV for 'Evaluation'

'We risk everything': Reporting Kashmir amid lockdown, harassment

With meticulous planning then mass arrests and ‘torture’, Kashmir’s autonomy was lost

Journalists decry limited access to phone and internet, forces denying free movement and pressure to report 'normalcy'.

02 September 2019

Bernie Sanders Condemns India's Action in Occupied Kashmir

Bernie Sanders' statement on Kashmir is a welcome ray of hope

Kashmiris to continue resistance

03 September 2019

Pakistan FM holds phone talks with Iranian Counterpart on Kashmir

Kashmir siege completes 30 days despite India's 'normalcy' claims

Off the Grid: Causes and Consequences of Kashmir’s Internet Shutdown

04 September 2019

Five civilians killed in Kashmir since crackdown, says army

Kashmir protests claim first confirmed death, Pakistan sees 'seeds of war'

Kashmir crisis: Clashes erupt after first civilian death confirmed

New Report Cites 432 Torture Cases In Kashmir From 1990-2017, 70% Victims Civilians

05 September 2019

'Our children are in jail': How India is keeping Kashmir isolated and in fear

Let Kashmir Speak

India: 'Let Kashmir speak' campaign launched a month into the lockdown

Amnesty launches campaign #LetKashmirSpeak

06 September 2019

In J&K Shutdown, PM’s Health Scheme Grinds To Halt, Healthcare Crisis Grows

India muzzling Kashmir media in harsh lockdown - report

India throttling Kashmir media, report says

07 September 2019

Iranian cleric says people in Kashmir must stand for their right

Iranian cleric says people in Kashmir must stand for their right

08 September 2019

Family demand justice for Kashmiri teenager killed in 'unprovoked attack

India tightens Kashmir crackdown with curfew

Muharram processions met with force in Kashmir

Curfew-like restrictions reimposed in parts of Kashmir

Curfew-like restrictions reimposed in several parts of Kashmir - Times of India

India imposes curfews in Kashmir after clashes during religious procession

Family demand justice for Kashmiri teenager killed in 'unprovoked attack'

11 September 2019

'They want to erase us': the Kashmiri suburb defying Indian control

India imposes curfew in Kashmir, bans Shia ceremonies

12 September 2019

My son is one of Kashmir’s 'disappeared'. When will India tell the truth about their fate?

US lawmakers seek immediate end of communication blackout in Kashmir

13 September 2019

Inside Kashmir's lockdown

Pakistani PM Khan says India's Kashmir crackdown will drive extremism

Imran Khan: India's Kashmir move 'pushing people into extremism'

14 September 2019

Mourning and Resistance in Kashmir After India Revoked the State's Special Status

Communications Blockade Creates New Mental Health Challenges in Kashmir

Kashmir curfew remains in place

15 September 2019

Abused by Soldiers and Militants, Kashmiris Face Dangers in Daily Life

16 September 2019

A voice pierces the silence imposed on Kashmir

17 September 2019

Crimea and Kashmir Viewed Through a Western Prism of Hypocrisy

18 September 2019

Kashmir: The complicated truth behind its 'normality'

Revoking Kashmir’s autonomy may derail efforts to end insurgency in India's northeast

Pakistan slams India over Kashmir remarks

Pakistan PM to accuse Modi of complicity in Kashmir 'terrorism'

India' s Statement on Kashmir ‘Obvious Manifestation of Utter Frustration' – Pakistan

19 September 2019

Kashmir faces world's longest communication blackout - Press TV

Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry slams India over Kashmir remarks

20 September 2019

Valley is shrouded in media blackout: Kashmir journalist in Mumbai

Kashmir’s communication blackout is a ‘devastating blow’ for academics, researchers say

21 September 2019

India sends hundreds of detainees from Kashmir to jails

Winning Kashmir and Losing India

23 September 2019

Trump says Kashmir mediation offer still on table

Trump hopes India and Pakistan 'come together' on Kashmir, Khan asks for U.S. help

Kashmir unrest prevents students from returning to school

Time to stand up for Jammu and Kashmir – before it’s too late

24 September 2019

Trump, With Imran Khan By His Side, Offers J&K Mediation for Third Time

Rouhani, Imran Khan Discuss Border Security, Kashmir Plight

India’s Rising Power Mutes Criticism of Modi’s Kashmir Crackdown

Restrictions meant to 'gag' Kashmir media: Press group

25 September 2019

Turkish leader's remarks on Kashmir win wide acclaim

Pakistani PM thanks Erdogan for Kashmir address at UNGA

Pakistan thanks Turkey for raising Kashmir issue at UNGA

Young boys tortured in Kashmir clampdown as new figures show 13,000 teenagers arrested – The Telegraph

26 September 2019

Gandhi's Legacy Was Betrayed by Modi—But It Can Still Be Reclaimed by Kashmiri Peaceful Resistance

Surveillance, area domination operations intensified in Kashmir

27 September 2019

Let Kashmir speak Opinion by Shah Mahmood Qureshi

Pakistan Says It Will 'Fight to The End' If War with India Starts Over Kashmir

Hope to see rapid action’: US asks India to reduce restrictions in Kashmir – Hindustan Times

28 September 2019

We wanted world to see RSS and India as one, Imran did it: Sangh

India tightens restrictions in Kashmir after Imran Khan's UN address

India objects to China's UN comments on Kashmir

Imran briefs UN chief on Kashmir

29 September 2019

Video: Crowds from across UK at Kashmir Solidarity March in Manchester

'Let it rot on the trees': Apple farmers protest India's actions in Kashmir

Pakistan summons Indian diplomat over deadly cross-border shelling in disputed Kashmir

New York: Thousands rally for human rights in Kashmir

Khan: Pakistan ready to pay any price for Kashmir

30 September 2019

In Kashmir, Growing Anger and Misery – NT Times

01 October 2019

Standing with Pakistan on Kashmir is Turkey's duty

Indian forces detained 150 children in Kashmir

No Freedom for India's Kashmir Valley Politicians, Jammu Counterparts Released – Sputnik

02 October 2019

The U.N. Can’t Ignore Kashmir Anymore – NY Times

Standing with Pakistan on Kashmir is Turkey's duty: Parliament speaker

Kashmir unrest spreads to Ladakh, the mountainous region on the Chinese border

'Depressed, frightened': Minors held in Kashmir crackdown – Al Jazeera

03 October 2019

Pakistani envoy highlights rights violation in Kashmir

Kashmir politicians will be released from detention ‘one by one’, says adviser to J&K governor

The courts’ refusal to curb repression in Kashmir

India’s judges are ignoring the government’s abuses in Kashmir

04 October 2019

U.S. senator blocked from visiting Kashmir as crackdown enters third month – Washington Post

In a first, U.S. lawmakers take a step against India on Kashmir

The courts’ refusal to curb repression in KashmirYet Another Fact-Finding Team Comes Back with Horror Stories From J&K

05 October 2019

India’s judges are ignoring the government’s abuses in Kashmir

Standstill in Kashmir enters third month; normalcy remains distant dream – Press Tv

US Senator keen to see Kashmir ‘first hand’, denied nod

‘Exposing State-Terrorism in Kashmir Our Moral Responsibility’ – Pakistan

06 October 2019

US senator barred from Indian Kashmir as lockdown enters third month

Naga leader Muivah wary of India after Kashmir status scrapped – AL Jazeera

07 October 2019

Jammu and Kashmir Police Has Violated the JJ Act in Detaining Children

The Communications Blackout in Kashmir: The Rebirth of a ‘National Security’ Court?

Indian border fire kills woman in Azad Kashmir

08 October 2019

A new India is emerging, and it is a country ruled by fear

09 October 2019

China's Xi Supports Pakistan On Kashmir, Boosts Military Ties Ahead of Meeting with India

India’s Opposition Congress Party Decides to Boycott Local Elections in Jammu and Kashmir – Sputnik

Indian border fire kills woman in Azad KashmirKashmir farmers struggle from India restrictions – Al Jazeera

10 October 2019

Kashmir hotels empty or shut as tourist restrictions lifted

The global limelight is now on Kashmir

Pakistani soldier killed in firing along Kashmir border

Kashmir conflict: Are local elections amid lockdown a 'sham'?

China backs Pakistan on Kashmir

Cong to boycott BDC poll in Kashmir

11 October 2019

Iranian university students raise Kashmir issue

China's Xi says watching Kashmir, supports Pakistan's core interests