Videos Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir

04 August 2019

India imposes Kashmir lockdown, puts leaders 'under house arrest'

05 August 2019

India puts Kashmir on lockdown, fueling tensions in the region | DW News

Ghulam Nabi Azad's Remarks | The Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Bill, 2019

P Chidambaram's Remarks | The Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Bill, 2019

06 August 2019

Kashmir in lockdown after autonomy scrapped - BBC News

Current Situation in Indian Administered Kashmir – BBC URDU

Bifurcation of Jammu & Kashmir, Abrogation of Article 370: Shashi Tharoor Shares Congress' Stance

Pakistan officials in uproar over India's Kashmir moves – Al Jazeera English

Kashmir dispute sparks protests in India and Pakistan | Dw News

'India is a fascist regime' - Pakistan heats up rhetoric against India in Kashmir dispute

Shashi Tharoor's Remarks | The Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Bill, 2019

10 August 2019

Indian Administered Kashmir: Protests in Soura leave many injured - BBC URDU

Tear gas at Kashmir rally India denies happened - BBC News

Kashmir lockdown: Pakistan's Ambassador on Kashmiri residents 'not being alone' - Sky News

Thousands vent anger over Kashmir at Pakistan protest

Why do Muslims fear Kashmir losing its 'special status'?

11 August 2019

Pakistan Foreign Minister Discusses India and Kashmir – Al Jazeera

Is India trying to 'ethnically cleanse' Kashmir? – Sky News

India-administered Kashmir remains cut off during Eid Al-Adha – Al Jazeera English

12 August 2019

High security ahead of Eid in Kashmir - BBC News

Kashmir marks tense Eid al-Adha under Indian lockdown | DW News

Kashmir curfew: Armed police patrol streets of Srinagar – RT

14 August 2019

Indian-administered Kashmir remains under lockdown

15 August 2019

Pakistan celebrates Independence Day amid Kashmir crisis - CNN

Kashmir's protest against India overshadows Eid festivities – Al Jazeera English

Thousands Protest Over Kashmir On Streets of London | NBC News

16 August 2019

Hasan Minhaj expresses solidarity with the people of Kashmir

China on India & Pakistan - Media Stakeout (United Nations)

Pakistan on India & Pakistan - Media Stakeout (United Nations)

Indian Def. Minister warns nuclear policy may change in Kashmir crisis

18 August 2019

Kashmir crisis: Residents unable to afford food – Al Jazeera English

The Govt. of India May Have Silenced Jammu and Kashmir and Its 8 Million Resident – Indian National Congress

20 August 2019

'Security Forces Delete Our Footage’: Kashmir's Local Journalists - The Quint

Indian forces conduct night raids, mass detentions, torture in Kashmir - TRT World

Kashmir unrest: 'They shot me and I fell to the ground' - BBC News

Kashmir communication blackout: Locals looking for alternatives – BBC URDU

'Eid Wasn't Happy at All': A Kashmiri Girl's Ordeal Post Article 370 - The Quint

Kashmir: Schools are open but empty – BBC URDU

21 August 2019

India accused of indiscriminate shelling on Pakistani-administered Kashmir- Al Jazeera

22 August 2019

Won't Let More Kids Die’: Kashmiri Women on Struggles of J&K Life - The Quint

23 August 2019

Inside the Crackdown in Kashmir

Clashes in Kashmir After Friday Prayers – VOA News

Inside the Kashmir That India Doesn't Want the World to See – New York Times

IExclusive report: lockdown in Kashmir – France 24 English

At least 150 people injured by tear gas, pellets in Kashmir crackdown – TRT World

What's really going on in Kashmir? | The Fact Checker

India: Opposition parties protest against situation in Kashmir – BBC URDU

Kashmiris erect barricades to keep Indian soldiers at bay – Al Jazeera English

24 August 2019

'Security Forces Delete Our Footage': Kashmir's Local Journalists - The Quint

'If all is normal then why not allow us': Rahul Gandhi at Srinagar airport

Protesters chanting anti-Indian slogans during march for 'independent Kashmir'

25 August 2019

'Indian civil services officer quits over 'rights violations' in Kashmir

New Footage of Protestors in Kashmir – BBC URDU

Kashmir crisis: Britain's Amir Khan on his aim to visit the region

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