Procedure of Visa

Procedure of NICOP

Procedure of MRP

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Requirement of Documents for Power of Attorney and Affidavit


Working Hours:

0800hrs to 1600hrs                   (Sunday to Thursday)

Submission & Processing          0800hrs to 1200hrs

Receiving                                    1300hrs to 1500hrs


CWA Wing

(1)Character Certificates

    1. Issuance of certificate is subject to personal interview by the officer & verification of record.
    2. Applicant & witnesses copies of CNIC/NICOP & passport with valid visa (QID) to be attached
    3. All original documents to be seen for verification
    4. Fee of QR 15/- to be deposited at Doha Bank Embassy
    5. 02 latest Passport size photographs
    6. Download Form:


1.For Change of Sponsorship:

    1. Copy of Job offer letter & NOC from previous sponsor OR sponsorship change letter.

2.For Registration/MMUP Exam/Medical:

    1. MMUP Registration Letter or NOC from the Sponsor.

3.For Immigration Purpose (English):

      1. Written Request from the applicant.
    1. Check list of hosting country requirements.

(2) Transfer of Residence Certificate

    Written Request from the applicant alongwith Copies of CNIC/NICOP, Qatar ID, Passport of applicant and service completion certificate/letter from sponsor. (Minimum five years service is required).

(3) Death Certificate /NOC for Transportation of Dead Body:

    Copies of Death Certificate, Police Report/CID letter, Original valid Passport, copy of passport/QID of blood relation member or a person travelling with the body along with Contact Number.(if employer is transporting dead body Letter from sponsor).

(4) NOC for Burial in Qatar:

    Copies of Death Certificate, Police Report/CID letter, Original valid Passport, copy of passport/QID of blood relation member or a person who is arranging for burial, affidavit/statement from the legal heirs of the deceased alongwith Contact Number.

(5) Attestation of Manpower Demand:

    1. Demand letter, Power of Attorney and Sample Employment Contract on letterhead pad of the company attested from MOFA and Chamber of Commerce Qatar.
    2. Visa Approval Tracking number.
    3. Establishment/Computer Card.
    4. QID of the sponsor.
    5. Copy of CR of the Company.
    6. Business card of HR Manager of the Company/Contact Number and Email of HR Manager.
    7. Fee 33QR of each document/demand.


    Ministry of Interior website – English – Inquiries – visa services – visa approval tracking – enter application number – enter application date or QID No. of sponsor – enter verification code – (Enter).


(6) Protector:

    • Fee:
        a) OPF Rs.2000 UBL Bank Draft
      1. b) Insurance fee Rs.2500 UBL Bank Draft
    1.         c) Protector fee QR: 153 in Doha Bank Embassy Branch
  • Documents:
    1. Original Passport with three copies
    2. QID/Visa three copies
    3. NICOP three copies
    4. FSA three copies
    5. Finger Printer Form three copies
    6. Three photographs


(7) Registration of Overseas Pakistani:

  1. Protector stamp on passport for Qatar (if not protected from Pakistan then process for protector).
  2. Copy of Passport
  3. One Photo


(8) Out Pass /Emergency Travel Document (ETD):

  • Copy of NICOP/Passport (both or Number of one of them)
  • Three photos
  • To be filled in by the embassy “Performa of Means of Evidence
  • Verification of Pak National Status from NADRA in Embassy
  • Verification of Passport from MRP Section of Embassy
  • Note for processing/approval of the HOM. (CWA-Counselor Press-HOM)
  • Preparation of Out Pass
  • Signature & stamp on ETD from MRP Incharge and stamp from Consoler Wing
  • Copies of ready ETD (i) Original Deportation Camp(ii) Copy Incharge MRP (iii) Counselor Wing (iv) Office record (CWA)


(9) Extension in Passport of Prisoner(s)/Inmates for deportation:

  • Form C (available with Counselor Wing) to be filled in by the embassy (CWA).
  • Verification National Status from NADRA in Embassy.
  • Submission of case for Approval from Counselor Press.
  • After extension passport to be handed over to deportation centre.


(10) OPF Cards: (Time limit for preparation 40-60 days)

Membership Card:

    • Valid for three years after permanent return to Pakistan.
      1. a. Copy of Valid Passport
      1. b. Copy of QID
      1. c. Copy of NICOP
      1. d. Copy of Protector Stamp on passport (if P.E. Stamp on previous passport then copy of the same is mandatory)
      1. e. If not protected from Pakistan he has to provide UBL bank draft of Rs.2000/-

ii-Foreign Exchange Remittance Card (FERC): Valid for one year from date of issue:

      1. a. Copy of Valid Passport
      1. b. Copy of QID
      1. c. Copy of NICOP
      1. d. Copy of receipts/bank statement of remittance transfer to Pakistan of latest 12 months
      1. e. Minimum Remittance 2500 US $ required in latest 12 months (equivalent QR.10,000)
Sr.No. FERC Remittance through Bank Exemption of Custom Duty
1 Silver 2500 US $ or more Rs.10,000
2 Silver Plus 5000 US $ or more Rs.20,000
3 Golden 10,000 US$ or more Rs.30,000
4 Golden Plus 25,000 US$ or more Rs.50,000
5 Platinum 50,000 US$ or more Rs.100,000


(11) Redressal of Grievances of Ops:

    • Complaints etc related to Pakistan received from Ops have to be forwarded to OPF, Islamabad through online complaint system with follow up.
      1. a. Application alongwith relevant documents including copy of Passport, QID, NICOP & OPF membership card if available.
      1. b. Contact No. of focal person in Pakistan from applicant side
      1. c. Address, CNIC No. and contact No. of the person(s) against whom complaint is lodged.

Steps for New Commercial Registration/Establishing a business lawfully in Qatar

A limited liability company

  • As a first step, it needs to be recognised that 51% of the shareholding must be reserved for one or more partners being citizens/nationals of the State of Qatar.
  • To issue a new commercial registration in Qatar, once also must first reserve a trade name.
  • The Memorandum of Association is then determined by one or more Qatari partners at 51% and at 49% for one or more non-Qatari partners.
  • Determine the company’s capital.
  • Determine the company’s activity/activities.
  • Document the company’s Memorandum of Association at the Ministry of Commerce & Industry and get issued the new registration of the company. The Memorandum of Association should clearly mention all the activities that the company is expected to be engaged in.
  • Subsequent to this step, the person should hire a place to do business for getting a business license (Trade License).
  • Once Trade License is issued, the establishment registration signature card is issued (Company Card).
  • The Tax Card is then issued by the Ministry of Finance.
  • Documents required for foreign partner include his/her Original passport.

NOTE: This document contains updated information up to 20.08.2019 for ordinary registration of limited liability companies done by Qatar’s Ministry of Commerce & Industry. It does not cover other modes of registration available through Qatar Finance Centre or Qatar Free Zones Authority. For any additional information, please contact the Embassy’s Commercial Section at +974 44835570 or send your query by email to:

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