Dr. Mehboob Ali is a Research Associate, Institute for Construction and Materials Chemistry at University of Siegen, Germany. During the Corona crisis, Dr. Mehboob Ali helped the community in spreading awareness about the pandemic and its consequences. He with the help of some of his friends, initiated a food drive for students. As a volunteer translator for people of Pakistani origin, he helped several people, who had lost their jobs or had a cut down in their working hours due to lockdown, in applying for financial assistance from the German Government. On a community level, Dr. Mehboob helped the senior citizens in his neighborhood in bringing their groceries and medicine, so they can avoid going out. This kind gesture drew huge attention from the families and children of these senior citizens. Moreover, with the help of his wife, Ms. Faria Afzal, he also distributed home-sewn face masks among friends, neighbors, students and a children school.

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