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Download Passport Form-A For persons above 12 years

Download Passport Form-B For person below 12 years

Download Form-T

Download Form-S

Download Form-C


Requirements for Business Visa:

1.   Valid passport
2.   Documents showing substantial investment / export / import during last year.
3.   Registration letter from Tourism Division (in case of hotel business)
4.   Letter from Chamber of Commerce & Industry OR invitation letter from reputed Pakistani       Company/Chamber
5.   Duly filled in visa form
6.   Three recent photographs
7.   Visa fee payable in US dollars

Note: All travellers to Pakistan are advised to get the requisite vaccination i.e; yellow fever or other.


Requirements for obtaining passport:

Application for New passport in Place of Expired or Exhausted passport

All applicants should submit:

1.  Old passport.
2.  Original Pakistan National Identity Card along with a photocopy.
3.  Four current passport size (2X2, Front Face) latest photographs.
4.  Application (Form-A, T).
5.  Proof of residence in Malaysia.

: Applicants under 18 years of age should submit an original RG-II Registration (From-B) along with a photocopy. Also, a Pakistan National Identity Card with photograph is required for all women.

Application for a Duplicate passport in lieu of lost passport.

Applicants should submit:
1.  Copy of lost passport.
2.  Original Pakistan National Identity Card.
3.  Original document of Police report regarding loss of passport.
4.  Six passport size (2X2, Front Face) latest photographs.
5.  Documentary evidence showing proof of Pakistan nationality, i.e., citizenship certificate,
Domicile certificate issued by the Government of Pakistan.

Note: In addition to the above requirements, New/Duplicate passports will be issued to Pakistan nationals only after Police Verification from Pakistan.


Registration of Pakistani children born abroad

Complete (Form-S)
Two Current Photographs of the child
Original birth certificate and a copy of the Passport.
Proof of father’s Pakistani nationality (NIC or Passport) attach photocopy
Registration fee
Fee is payable in U.S. dollars payable to the Embassy of Pakistan. All fees are non-refundable.


Endorsements / Amendments in passport and extension of limited validity of passport

Complete (FORM-C)
Original national ID card (Copy if original is not available).
Two photographs of child – endorsements in passport
Endorsement/Amendment fee
Extension of limited validity passport






Question:      What is a Manual Passport?


Answer:        The old handwritten passports are called Manual Passport


Question:      What is Machine Readable Passport?


Answer:         Machine Readable Passport (MRP) is a Passport printed electronically by machine. MRP Section of the High Commission takes data of the applicant e.g. personal details, photograph, thumb impression electronically and forward it to Directorate General, Immigration and Passports, Islamabad where the passports are printed and dispatched to the High Commission for onward delivery to the individual concerned. In case of online application, the passports are sent to the applicants directly on their addresses.


Question:      If MRP can be made by the High Commission by sending applications and other documents by post:


Answer:        No. Personal presence of the applicant is must for Machine Readable Passport. In case the applicant already has an MRP (which is required to be renewed) or the applicant has to apply online to Directorate General IMPASS at the, the applicant may wish to personally come to the High Commission to renew his passport.


Question:      I have a manual passport, can I convert it into MRP online?


Ans.                No. Manual passport cannot be converted into MRP online.  The applicants need to personally visit the High Commission in order to convert manual passport to Machine Readable Passport.


Question:      Can I apply for MODIFICATION (change of name etc) or for the renewal of LOST PASSPORT online?


Answer:         No. For modification in the passport and in case of loss of passport, the applicant needs to visit the High Commission along with the previous passport, police report (in case of loss of passport), valid CNIC/NICOP.


Question:      How can I renew my passport?


Answer:         In case you have already a Machine Readable Passport which is expiring soon and there is no change in data and you wish to renew your passport,  you can renew it online at by following the instructions on the page or by personally visiting the High Commission. Details about processing of passport at the High Commission are available on our website:


Question:      Can I travel on the manual passport to Pakistan?


Answer:         No, we would advise Pakistanis to get MRP to travel to Pakistan.


Question:      My NICOP/CNIC and passport have expired. How can I renew them?


Answer:         If both your NICOP/CNIC and Passport have expired, you need to renew your NICOP/CNIC first. You can provide an affidavit alongwith your NICOP/CNIC application stating that both of your documents have expired. After getting it attested from the High Commission, the application can be submitted online at NADRA’s website:  Once the NICOP is renewed, you can apply for passport at the High Commission or online if your expired  passport is Machine Readable.


Question:      What is processing time for renewal of Passport?


Answer:         The processing time for renewal of Passport in normal category is 25 to                    30 days whereas in urgent category is 12 to 15 days.


Question:      Can I receive my passport by post?


Answer:         Yes. You can receive your passport by post (Pos Laju service only) if you are residing in Sabah and Sarawak state. For this service you need to send previous original passport and token slip alongwith return envelop to High Commission by post to get passport at your given address.


Question:      What is timing for processing of MRP Application and delivery of Passport?


Answer:         The timings for processing of MRP Application is 0900hrs to 1130 hrs and 1600 hrs to 1630 hrs for delivery of passport.

Question:      What time should I call to ask queries about Passport?


Answer:         You may call 1400hrs to 1600hrs to ask queries about Passport at telephone number (603) 21618877-79 Ext: 133.



Question:      What is the fee structure for renewal of Passport?


Answer:                     Please see the below fee structure table:

Five Years Validity MRP Fee Structure

Application Urgency 36 Pages 72 Pages 100 Pages
Normal RM140 RM260 RM285
Urgent RM235 RM425 RM565
Lost Category Normal Urgent Normal Urgent Normal Urgent
First time loss RM280 RM470 RM520 RM850 RM570 RM1130
Second time loss RM560 RM940 RM1040 RM1700 RM1140 RM2260
Third time loss 1112 1765
Fourth time loss Emergency Passport for return to Pakistan will be issued.


Ten Years Validity MRP Fee Structure

Application Urgency 36 Pages 72 Pages 100 Pages
Normal RM255 RM470 RM510
Urgent RM425 RM765 RM1020
Lost Category Normal Urgent Normal Urgent Normal Urgent
First time loss RM510 RM850 RM940 RM1530 RM1020 RM2040
Second time loss RM1020 RM1700 RM1880 RM3060 RM2040 RM4080
Third time loss
Fourth time loss Emergency Passport for return to Pakistan will be issued.


Important Note:

  • Please deposit the fees for Passport in High Commission of Pakistan A/C No.100020014413 in the Affin Bank.
  • Passport fee once deposited is not refundable.






Question:      I don’t have a valid Pakistani passport. What documents are required to be sent for attestation of my documents?


Answer:         A valid NICOP/CNIC and expired Pakistani passport would be sufficient.




Question:      How can I make a Power of Attorney?


Answer:         The High Commission does not make Power of Attorney. It just attests the document once the executants’ signs it in our presence. You can prepare the document from a lawyer or a Notary Public according to their specific requirements.


Question:      Is there any specific sample of Power of Attorney?


Answer:         Different organizations have different requirements of Power of Attorney, therefore, there is no specific sample.


Question:      Can a Power of Attorney be made on plain paper?


Answer:         Yes, you can make Power of Attorney on a plain paper but should be typed. Handwritten POA will not be attested.


Question:      Can I send my Power of Attorney documents by mail?


Answer:         No, please don’t send your Power of Attorney documents by mail for the attestation.  The executant needs to be personally present in the High Commission with his original NICOP or Pakistani passport to get it attested.


Question:      Is personal presence of the witnesses is required?


Answer:         No


Question:      Is my personal presence required for all kinds of power of attorney to be signed?


Ans.                No, only those executants are required to be personally present in the High Commission who involves transfer of property.



Question:      What is timing for submission and collection of documents for attestation?


Answer:         The timing for submission of document(s) for attestation/legalization is 0900hrs to 1130 hrs and the timing for collection of document(s) is 1600hrs to 1700hrs.


Question:      What is the fee structure for attestation of documents?


Ans.                Rationalization of Consular Fee Structure being charged by Pakistan Missions Abroad (September 2015) is as under:


S.No. Nature of Document Fee in USD Fee in RM
1 Affidavit (AT) 10 45
2 Edu. Certificate &  Mark Sheets 10 45
3 State Life Insurance Corporation 10 45
4 Medical Certificate 10 45
5 Family Letter 10 45
6 Birth Certificate 10 45
7 Police Character Certificate 10 45
8 Pay & Pension related Papers 10 45
9 Death Certificate (DC) 10 45
10 Marriage Certificate (Nikah Nama) 10 45
11 Passport (PP) 10 45
12 School Leaving Certificate 10 45
13 All kind of Certificate & Undertaking/Declaration 10 45
14 Driving Licence NOC 15 65
15 Marriage NOC 15 65
16 Demand Letter 15 65
17 Degrees & Diplomas 15 65
18 Child Registration Certificate 15 65
19 Malaysian Documents (MD) 25 105
20 Transfer of Residence 35 150
21 Power of Attorney (POA) 35

(Per person)

22 Divorce Notice (DN) 35 150




  1. VISA


Question:      Do Malaysians require visa for Pakistan?


Answer:         Yes, Malaysians require visa for visiting Pakistan.


Question:      What is visa fee for Malaysians?


Answer:         For Malaysian nationals, all categories of visa are free except business and work visa. Business visa fee for single and multiple entries are RM 442/- and RM 663/- respectively. Fee for multiple entry more than one year is RM 884/-.



Question:      How long it takes to get a visa?


Answer:        In most cases, it takes around 5 business/working days to process a visa, provided all requirements are fulfilled. However, in some cases, it may take longer.


Question:      Do I need invitation letter for visa?


Answer:        Invitation letter is required for visitors other than family category.  If you are visiting Pakistan for tourism, you may also provide hotel booking alongwith a copy of your confirmed return ticket.


Question:     What is the website address for visa online?


Answer:        Nationals of 195 countries can apply online at


Question:      Can I get a Visa on Arrival (VoA) for business purpose?


Answer:        Nationals of 50 countries for Visa on Arrival (VoA) for business purpose.  In that case proof of a registration of company which is extending invitation, Chamber of Commerce or registration with Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan or certificate from anyone of the following would be required:

  • Recommendatory letter from Chamber of Commerce & Industry of respective foreign country;
  • Invitation letter from business organization duly recommended by concerned trade organization in Pakistan;
  • Recommendatory letter of Commercial Attache (or Trade Offices in Pakistan, High Commissions or Consulates;


Interested businessmen are encouraged to apply for the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) at least 48-72 hours prior to their intended date of travel.


Question:      In case of sponsorship of visa from Pakistan, does the sponsor required to notarize the sponsor letter?


Answer:        No, simply a copy of the identity card of sponsor would be sufficient.


Question:      I have a NICOP, do I need a visa as Tourist or business or work purposes?


Answer:        No, if you have a valid NICOP, you do not need a visa to travel to Pakistan for tourism, business or work purposes.


  1. Renunciation of Nationality



Question:     Is there dual nationality agreement between Pakistan and  Malaysia?


Answer:        There is no dual nationality agreement between Pakistan and Malaysia.  It means that any person can be a national of either country only.


Question:     What is the procedure for renunciation of Pakistani citizenship?


Answer:        Any Pakistani national desirous of acquiring Malaysian nationality has to make a declaration of renunciation of citizenship on form “X” in triplicate to the Directorate General Immigration & Passports Islamabad through the High Commission of Pakistan Kuala Lumpur.


The person concerned will cease to be citizen of Pakistan from the date of registration of his renunciation by Directorate General Immigration & Passports Islamabad.


Question:     What will be status of children of any person who has renounced Pakistani citizenship?


Answer:        There may be two scenarios:


  1. Every such minor child of that person  residing outside Pakistan shall,     thereupon, ceases to be a citizen of Pakistan provided any such child may, within one year of his completing the age of 21 years, makes a declaration that he wishes to resume the citizenship of Pakistan and shall upon making of such declaration becomes a citizen of Pakistan.


  1. Every such minor of that person residing in Pakistan shall continue to be a citizen of Pakistan.


Question:     What is fee of renunciation?


Answer:        The fee for renunciation of citizenship is RM 20/-


Question:         From where one can get application form?

Answer:              Application form “X” can be obtained from concerned Pakistan Mission abroad. One can also download it from the following link:-


Question:     How much time will be processing of application for renunciation take?

Answer:       Delivery of renunciation certificate may take four months if the    application is complete in all respect. However, incomplete applications, non-availability of CNIC or lack of supporting documents regarding children whose names are mentioned in Form “X” may cause delay in finalization of case. The status of application can be checked by sending email at: after three months of submission of application.

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