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1.Manual Passports

2.Machine Readable/Computerized Passports

3.Attestation of Documents

4.Issuance of Visas

5.National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistani (NICOP)

6.Pakistan Origin Card (POC)

Manual Passports


Issuance of manual passports is being discontinued except in case of serious emergency/compelling reason. Availing this facility involves submission of documents and duly filled out forms. These forms are available at the embassy & can also be downloaded from the embassy’s web site.

New Manual Passport

  1. Application on prescribed Form-A
  2. Passport in original along with photocopy of the first two pages.
  3. Photocopy of either CNIC or NICOP
  4. Four photographs.
  5. In case of a Child acquiring fresh passport, original birth certificate of child, duly attested by the local Ministries of Health and Foreign Affairs, and Original passport/CNIC/NICOP of mother and father are required.
  6. If CNIC/NICOP has not been previously acquired an application for the same is to be made in the adjacent NADRA Office and copy of the application is to be attached with the passport form. In such cases, one year validity passports are issued. After receiving CNIC/NICOP the applicants are encouraged to apply for MRP.
  7. In case of Lost Passport a report from local Police station/immigration authorities is required.

For Renewal/Endorsement of Passport

  1. Form-C duly filled.
  2. Photocopy of passport.
  3. Photocopy of NICOP / NIC.
  4. Copy of Residence permit
  5. Two photographs of child, being endorsed in passport
  6. Extension in passports is granted for limited validity.


The Government of Pakistan has decided to discontinue issuance of normal handwritten passports soon. Therefore, all Pakistani nationals must obtain Machine Readable Passport (MRP) 06 months before the expiry of their exiting manual passports.


The applicants have to personally appear without distinction of gender/age to apply for the passport along with the following:-
a. Original valid National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP)/ Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC), along with its one copy.
In case of minor children(under 18 years) their original Child Registration Certificate (CRC)/ Form -B issued from NADRA, or their NICOP may be presented at the time of applying for MRP, along with its one copy.
Original current Pakistani passport along with its one copy.
In case of dual nationals, please bring original passport of that country and its copy along with the Pakistani passport.


Passport fees are as under:-


PASSPORT Fee for 5 Years Validity Fee for 10 Years Validity
Normal Urgent Normal Urgent
MRP (36 Pages) 11.500 K.D 19.000 K.D 17.500 K.D 29.000 K.D
MRP (72 Pages) 21.750 K.D 34.000 K.D 32.000 K.D 52.250 K.D
MRP (100 Pages) 22.750 K.D 45.250 K.D 34.750 K.D 69.500 K.D


Applications for MRPs are accepted during Sunday-Thursday at 0800-1200 hours except on public holidays. Upon reaching the embassy the applicants should obtain their queue token from the reception and deposit fee at Counter No 1 in consular hall. Applicant should present all required documents to the official at the counter. the applicants after depositing fee are requested to proceed to the MRP Section for finger prints, photographs and data entry as per their turns.


Delivery period for ordinary passports is about 6 weeks, while urgent passports are delivered in minimum 3 Weeks. Applicants are advised to collect their new passports from the embassy in person by presenting computer generated token/receipt and  previous original passport. The new passports can be collected during Sunday-Thursday from 1300-1600 hours except on public holidays.

Issuance of Passport in lieu of Lost Passport

In case of loss of passport following additional requirements are mandatory:-
a)    Report from the local Police station/immigration authorities
b)    Photocopy of the lost passport or its number, date and place of issue.

Fees for issuance of Passport in lieu of lost passport are given in the following:-

For first lost passport (ordinary fee) KD 22.750
For first lost passport (urgent fee) KD 37.750
For second lost passport (ordinary fee)          KD 45.250
For second lost passport (urgent fee) KD 75.500

New passports in place of lost passports are issued only if the previous passport(s) has been verified by the concerned issuing office.

Applicants are advised to have their passports in safe custody so as to avoid loss/damage of this important travel document.

If the passport is lost for the third time, further renewal is subject to its approval from authorities concerned in Islamabad.

Important Notes

a. In case the applicants are below 18 years of age, they should be accompanied by their father/mother/legal guardian, along with the latter’s original passport and its one copy. The father/mother/legal guardian will be required to sign at a form which will be provided at the time of application.
b. Applicants’ thumbs and index fingers of both right and left hands should be without any indelible colouring e.g. ink or henna (menhdi) for proper finger prints.
c. No endorsement in MRP is possible.
d. Names of children cannot be included in parent’s passport.
e. For applicants serving in the Government of Pakistan service, no objection letter from their parent department and authorization from Directorate General of Immigration and Passports are also mandatory.


Educational Documents.

Nikkah Nama

Death/Birth Certificates

Divorce Certificate

Power of Attorney (From Kuwait)

Power of Attorney (From Pakistan)

7. Driving License Attestation.

8. Police Character Certificate.

9. Sponsorship Affidavit

10. Miscellaneous Documents.

11. Attestation Fee

Documents Fee in KD
Educational Documents 2
Degrees 2
Certificates of Technical Skills 2
All Education Documents Issued by Pakistani Schools in UAE 2
Nikkah Nama 2
Death Certificates 2
Death Certificates issued by NADRA 2
Divorce Certificates 2
Power of Attorney 3
Driving License 2
Police Character Certificate 2
Birth Certificates 2
Sponsorship Affidavit 3
All Documents issued by Kuwaiti Authorities 2




Visa applications alongwith the passports may be deposited at the Consular Section of the embassy from 0900 hrs to 1200 hrs on any working day. The applicants may be invited for interview if required. Visa processing by the Embassy may take 02 weeks. Some cases are even required to be referred back to Pakistan for authoritie’s approval, therefore it may take longer time.

2. Following are the general instructions/requirements for submission of visa applications :-

The Embassy reserves the right to refuse visa without assigning any reason.



NICOP (National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis) is a registration document to be issued to a valid/legitimate citizen of Pakistan. It is mandatory for all Pakistani nationals residing aboard to obtain NICOP.

Documents Required

2. Application forms for NICOP are available at the embassy and its website. The form can be filled in and printed on the following link of NADRA’s website:-
3. The filled in NICOP form in block letters should be accompanied by the following:-

Application Process


4. Details of NICOP fee are as under:-


S.No. Service Fee (KD)
a) Issuance of fresh NICOP(first time) 7/-
b) Duplicate/ Modification/ Renewal of NICOP with change 8/-


5. National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) in Islamabad issues NICOP. The processing may take 3-4 months time.


6.The status of NICOP application can be tracked on the following link by entering the NADRA receipt numbers except for the initial “00” digits.


a. The NICOP issuance may take longer than the routine processing time; in case, the data you have provided is incorrect, ineligible and mismatches with the NADRA data warehouse records i.e. photos, name change, Pakistani/Foreign address, thumb impression/applicant signature. It may also take longer due to any unforeseen reasons.
If during the process the card status changes to “REJECTED”, you’ll be required to provide additional requirements, as it’ll be prescribed in the “REMARKS” column.


  • For complaints please, write to NADRA on this link:
  • If you wish to lodge complaint through embassy, please send duly signed letter addressed to the Manager, International Operational Division, NADRA Headquarters, Islamabad. This complaint will be forwarded to NADRA authorities’ through our diplomatic channels.
  • If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact NADRA Facilitation Cell:,
Telephone No : 00-92-51-9208606, 00-92-51-92091912


1. The POC program endeavors to provide eligible foreigners with unprecedented incentives to get back to their roots, while ensuring that the motherland remains tightly integrated with expatriates worldwide which includes.

  • Visa-free entry into Pakistan.
  • Indefinite stay in Pakistan.
  • Exemption from foreigner registration requirements.
  • Permission to purchase and sell property.
  • Right to open and operate bank accounts.

Documents Required

2. Application forms for POC are available at the embassy and its website. The form can also be filled in and printed on the following link of NADRA’s website:-

3. The filled in POC form in block letters should be accompanied by the following:-

a. Copy ofPakistani/foreign passport
c. Proof of/propertyowned in Pakistan
d. Copy of CNIC/NICOP of blood relative


In case of doubt, any supporting document may be demanded. Issuance of POC to foreign spouses is temporarily banned.
For further details please refer to the checklist in related downloads or call us on our UAN number 111-786-100


The status of POC application can be tracked on the following link by entering the NADRA receipt numbers except for the initial “00 digits.


Details of fee for POC are given in the following:-

S.No. Service Fee KD
a) Issuance of fresh POC for applicants above 18 years of age 30
b) Issuance of fresh POC for applicants below 18 years of age 23
c) Modification/ Duplicate/ Renewal with change of POC for applicants above 18 years of age 43
d) Modification/ Duplicate/ Renewal with change of POC for applicants below 18 years of age 15
e) Cancellation of National Identity Card/ Computerised National Identity Card/ National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis 34
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