Mohammad Umair Baig, is 35 years old. His father came to France 1979, he was only 16 months in December 1984. He has studied in France. In the year 2006, he passed an exam and was selected by the Ministry of culture and communication where he was also employed for 5 years. Later, he created an association ‘’Association multicultural and Sports’’and also organised several cultural events regarding Pakistan. He also has a construction company in France. During the Covid 19 crisis, many Pakistanis nationals were in a difficult situation in France. Therefore, he wished to help and support them. he kept the Consular Section of the Embassy informed about the latest number of cases of coro-navirus/deaths amongst the members of Pakistani community. He also runs an organisation which provides funeral services. With his help, we were able to bury two destitute Pakistanis (He of-fered special rates/ services for the embassy.) He also did charity during the lockdown period and subsequently Ramazan by distributing ration packets amongst the Muslim community of Sarcelles in the outskirts of Paris.

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