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Dispatch of 11 dead bodies of Pakistanis of Libyan boat tragedy

(2018-02-12) Eleven (11) dead bodies of Pakistanis (list attached) of the tragic boat incident in Libya, will arrive at Benazir Bhutto International Airport, Islamabad as per the following flight details:

Flight No: SV722

Date of arrival: Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Estimated time of arrival: 1600 hours

The remaining two dead bodies will be dispatched soon, after the completion of the procedural formalities. The names and the contact details of the officers who are coordinating the arrival at the airport are as follows:

Mr. Khalid Jamali

DG (Personnel)

Cell #: 03005388280

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Mr. Khalid Majid

DG (Headquarters & Finance)

Cell #: 03035349566

Ministry of Foreign Affairs List of Dead Bodies of Pakistani nationals


Sr.No. Name Resident District ETD/Passport & CNIC Identified/Confirmed

1. Mr. Ikram ul Haq s/o Azmat Ullah Mandi Bahauddin BG6397621 34402-5789762-1 Mr. Inaam Ul haq (Brother) 03456782015

2. Mr. Muhammad Qasim Baig s/o Muhammad Amjad Mandi Bahauddin BA3926612 34401-8269661-5 Mr. Muhammad Amjad Baig (Father) 03143942737

3. Mr. Waleed Akram S/o Muhammad Akram Gujrat ETD(No.SS663952) CX1325811 34201-3482581-9 Mr. Adnan Ali (Brother) 03466832790

4. Mirza ghulam Fareed s/o Mirza Ghulam Nabi Rawalpindi AE8978763 37401-3075876-5 Ms. Safiah (Relative) 030495119517

5. Mr. Tanzeel-ur-Rehman s/o Muhammad younis Sialkot ETD (No.SS663951) AJ7717801 34640-514780-5 Mr. Muhammad Tasleem (Relative) 0348-6717583

6. Mr. Muhammad Aziz s/o Abdul Rehman Sargodha CC1816231 38403-2249623-7 Mr. Muhammad Ashraf (Relative) 03006028297

7. Mr. Luqman Ali s/o Shoukat Ali Gujrat ETD (No.SS663953) EM1818131 34201-8905813-1 Mr. Abdul Ghafoor (Father) 0344-684421 Mr. Shoukat Ali (Uncle)0349-4519730

8. Mr. Kashif Jamil s/o Muhammad jamil Gujrat CD820703 342020-7277031 Mr. Sulman Saleem (Brother) 0343-5844558 & Mr. Habib 03425993009

9. Mrs. Azmat Bibi w/o Muhammad ismail Gujrat KV3100441 34202-4184044-6 Mr. Afzal Muhammad (Relative) 0301-8845825

10. Mr. Mazhar Hussain s/o Mumtaz Hussain Gujrat ETD (No. SS663955) VQ6893342 34201-4834334-5 Mr. Awais Ullah (Friend) 3459738858

11. Mr. Farhan Ali s/o Muhammad Sharif Gujrat ETD (No.SS663954) GH1817941 34201-4127794-1 Mr. saqib Ali (Brother) 00923127789900

Following two dead-bodies will be dispatch later after completion of due process

12. Mr. majid Hussain S/o Talib Hussain Gujrat ETD (No.SS663956) ED6890252 34201-0587025-7 Mr. Sajid Hussain (Brother) 0343-4953856

13. Mr. Muhammad Luqman s/o Muhammad Ajmal Jaranwala, Faisalabad ETD (No.SS663957) AJ8356321 33104-7812632-3 Mr. Hazqeel Ahmed (brother) 0331-7632169


12 February 2018