Science Diplomacy Initiative


Cognizant of the potential of science diplomacy to advance Pakistan’s national interests and participate effectively in the global science and technology ecosystem, the Ministry launched its Science Diplomacy (SD) initiative with the designation of a Focal Point (Science Diplomacy Division) to act as a liaison between national science and technology (S&T) stakeholders and international partners.

Figure: Research and Development at NRTC, Pakistan



Efforts under the SD initiative have already started to bear fruit in the shape of signing of MoUs between Pakistani universities and high-ranking foreign universities, increasing post-graduate science scholarships for Pakistani students and engaging various international scientific partners.




Figure: Laboratories at Punjab Forensic Agency, Punjab

Ministry’s SD initiative focuses on thematic areas, institutions, and country-specific collaborations to provide direction to our science diplomacy agenda. Furthermore, a special focus has been laid on leveraging science diplomacy to implement Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), all of which have a strong science and technology component. Key international and local actors have been identified to increase our capacity, S&T collaboration potential and participation in large-scale scientific projects. This will build on our existing SD arrangements with key organisations in Pakistan and globally.



Figure: Four Nuclear Power Plants at Chashma

The Science Diplomacy initiative of the Ministry is being pursued in close coordination and collaboration with the concerned public and private sector entities which are relevant to the implementation of SDGs. Accordingly, the Ministry is continuously engaged with relevant stakeholders in planning and carrying forward the SD initiative in a manner to maximize synergies.


Diaspora Outreach Research and Innovation Network

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A portal is being initiated which will include a survey of basic questions that will help the Ministry to identify specialized clusters of S&T professionals among our global scientific diasporas, which can be mobilized as a knowledge community to further Pakistan’s national interests in S&T diplomacy. The network will include researchers, scholars and practitioners in STEM and humanities areas.

Queries related to the Ministry’s Science Diplomacy initiative and portal may be directed at:

Queries related to the Ministry’s Science Diplomacy initiative and portal may be directed at:

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