Zahidan Mission Post|

14 August, 2019 ceremony was celebrated in Consulate of Pakistan at Zahidan with Solidarity of Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK). The programme started with the recitation of Holy Quran and flag hoisting ceremony with the tune of national anthem of Pakistan. After the flag hoisting ceremony, Mr. Muhammad Rafi, Consul General has declared the messages of President and Prime Minister of Pakistan. He also highlighted the Kashmir issue vehemently and demanded to free Kashmir from all evils. Mr. Meraashi, Deputy Governor, Law Enforcement & Security alongwith Mr. Hakeem Regi, President, Zahidan Chamber of Commerce and other Iranian dignitaries were also present on the occasion. Mr. Meraashi also made a speech and pay congratulations to Pakistan Consulate Zahidan and Pakistani nation on the occasion. He added that Iran is the first country who accepted the Independence of Pakistan. He further described that there are so many commonalities between the two countries. During the programme, some national songs were performed by Pakistani children in memorial of their independence day of their beloved country.

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