A limited liability company.

  • As a first step, it needs to be recognised that 51% of the shareholding must be reserved for one or more partners being citizens/nationals of the State of Qatar.
  • To issue a new commercial registration in Qatar, once also must first reserve a trade name.
  • The Memorandum of Association is then determined by one or more Qatari partners at 51% and at 49% for one or more non-Qatari partners.
  • Determine the company’s capital.
  • Determine the company’s activity/activities.
  • Document the company’s Memorandum of Association at the Ministry of Commerce & Industry and get issued the new registration of the company. The Memorandum of Association should clearly mention all the activities that the company is expected to be engaged in.
  • After this step, the person should hire a place to do business for getting a business license (Trade License).
  • Once Trade License is issued, the establishment registration signature card is issued (Company Card).
  • The Tax Card is then issued by the Ministry of Finance.
  • Documents required for foreign partner include his/her Original passport.
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