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(2017-05-13) The Adviser to the Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs has written a letter to the UN Secretary General highlighting the Indian attempts to bring demographic changes to Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir (IoK). The letter specifically points out the issuance of permanent residence certificates to non-residents, allotment of land to retired Indian army personnel, issuance of land to non-Kashmiris, the establishment of separate townships for Kashmiri pundits and settlement of West Pakistan refugees in IoK. These efforts are being made to try to convert the Muslim majority in IoK into a minority to preempt the results of the UN administered plebiscite.

The Adviser has stressed that the non-implementation of the UN Security Council resolutions is leading to a grave human tragedy in IoK. It is only by the implementation of the UN Security Council resolutions that we will be able to end the immense sufferings of millions of Kashmiris in the Indian occupied Jammu &Kashmir and bring peace and stability to South Asia.

13 May 2017

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