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Ambassador Ali Javed presented ‘Letters of Credence’ to Their Excellencies Captains Regents of San Marino, Alessandro Scarano and Adele Tonnini, at a ceremony held in San Marino city, recently, on September 5, 2023.

Following the Ceremony, the Ambassador participated in a Reception hosted by Foreign Minister, H.E.Luca Beccari. Earlier, the Ambassador had held a bilateral meeting with the Foreign Minister.

Both sides concurred on maintaining high level contacts at bilateral and multilateral platforms. They praised the positive trends in their bilateral relations, support for each other at International platforms especially at UN & EU, and reviewed overall status of bilateral exchanges & mechanisms.

Both sides also agreed on appointment of Honorary Consulsin each other’s capitals and convene 1st Bilateral Political Consultations between their Foreign Ministries in San Marino by end of this quarter or early 2024.

The Ambassador also met with Additional Secretary, Department of Treaties and discussed a range of proposals, including investments, to further bilateral cooperation.

The Ambassador of Pakistan to Republic of Italy is concurrently accredited to Republics of San Marino, Slovenia, and Albania, in addition to six Rome-based UN Agencies including FAO, WFP, IFAD, IDLO, UNDROIT and ICCROM.








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