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On the invitation of H.E. Ihor Hundych, the Governor of Zhytomir Province (region) of Ukraine, the Ambassador visited Zhytomir and called on the Governor at his office. The Governor expressed his keen desire to further promote economic and cultural ties between Pakistan and Ukraine with Zhytomir acting as one of the focal point for promotion of bilateral relations. While emphasizing the trade and economic potential of Zhytomir Province, he expressed that this is one of the largest regions in Ukraine with a population of more than 1.3 million people. There are 511 deposits of raw mineral-materials. The region also has large reserves of high-quality building stone throughout the region.

He also informed that the region takes the first place in Ukraine by supplies of forest resources. The wood covered area makes almost 35%, and in some northern districts of the region they occupy two third area of the land. Agricultural production is high and much agricultural produce especially edible oil is exported to different countries. The bakery industry is also flourishing and in this regard a guided tour to one of the confectionary factories was also carried out. He further added that, like other areas of Ukraine, Zhytomir also has a huge potential for tourism. There are quality hotels which can cater to the needs of the tourists. He welcomed Pakistani businessmen to invest in the hotel industry of Zhytomir. He also expressed the desire to invite a delegation of businessmen from Pakistan and also send a group of businessmen to visit Pakistan to explore the opportunities of cooperation in diverse areas. He also showed great interest in the textile sector of Pakistan.

In response, the Ambassador thanked H.E. Ihor Hundych, the Governor for extending invitation to visit Zhytomir, his detailed briefing on the investment opportunities in Zhytomir and his keen interest to promote economic and trade ties between the two countries. The Ambassador informed him that there are only around 1500 Pakistanis living in Ukraine and there is a great potential to increase this number which would not only add to the promotion of people-to-people contacts but would also help enhance cultural and economic ties between the two countries. While endorsing his proposal of exchange of business delegation, the Ambassador added that Pakistan is a huge market of more than 220 million people and connecting Zhytomir with different industrial hubs of Pakistan would give a great boost to economic and trade ties between the two countries.

The Ambassador further added that complementarities exist in different areas between the two countries. Pakistan needs edible oil and steel whereas Ukraine (Zhytomir) is interested in Pakistani textile sector; so by exploiting these complementarities bilateral trade ties can be further strengthened. He also informed that Pakistan has approved a new liberalized visa policy for more than 170 countries including Ukraine. In the new visa policy, Pakistan Government has extended the e-visa facility to all Ukrainian nationals and visa on arrival facility to Ukrainian businessmen. By extending similar liberalized visa regime from Ukraine to Pakistani citizens, would greatly add to the promotion of tourism and people to people contacts between the two countries.

April 17, 2019

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