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Ambassador called on the Minster for Culture, Information and Tourism of the Kyrgyz Republic Mr. Azamat Jamanulov to explore the possibility of more tourist and cultural exchange between the two countries. He expressed his keen desire to attract more tourism from Pakistan as well as more cultural exchanges in 2019. He has proposed to send a cultural troupe of artists, singers and dancers from the Kyrgyz Republic to attend some important cultural/national event in Pakistan and offered the same facilities for a Pakistan cultural troupe to attend the events in Kyrgyzstan. He also offered to facilitate production of Pakistani dramas & movies.

Ambassador told him that 32,000 Pakistani tourists had visited Azerbaijan in 2018. Similarly over 15,000 Pakistani tourists had visited Uzbekistan last year. The numbers are far greater for Turkey, which allows Pakistani passport holders who have valid British, USA or Schengen visas, visa on arrival. This facility is also extended to Pakistanis in Mexico and all Latin American countries. In case the issuance of visa is extended to bona fide tourists, this would greatly facilitate tourism between the two countries as were suggested by Dr. Arif Alvi, President of Pakistan during his meeting with Sooranbai Sharipovich Jeenbekov, President of the Kyrgyz Republic in Istanbul on October, 29, 2018. This would help in operating regular flights between Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan. Already a Pakistani Group has expressed its interest to operate flights on Karachi-Dubai-Bishkek or Karachi-Urumqi-Bishkek sector.

1st December, 2018

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