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Ambassador called on Ulukbek Kochkorov Toychubaevich, Minister for Labour and Social Development of the Kyrgyz Republic this morning. He has been appointed as Minister of Labour and Social Development on 25th October, 2018. He has been a Member of Parliament from 2011-215 and held position of the Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for Economic and Fiscal Policy during that time.

2. He welcomed Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan and hoped that two countries would learn from each other’s rich experience in the field of human resource development especially on how to increase the export manpower while protecting their rights. Since Pakistan had over 9 million expatriates living across the globe, Kyrgyz could learn from Pakistan’s rich experience especially in the Gulf region, Europe and North America. Both sides also discussed the possibility of coordinating with each other in all international forum including the International Labour Organization (ILO) in Geneva.

5th November, 2018

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