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At the invitation of Commandant National Defence College of Oman (NDC), Ambassador K.K. Ahsan Wagan visited NDC on February 17, 2021 and addressed the participants of the 8th Round of National Defence College for the year 2020-2021. Ambassador was accompanied by Defence Attaché Capt. Muhammad Kashif Farhan (PN) of the Embassy. Upon his arrival, he was received by Air Vice Marshal Saleh bin Yahya bin Mas’oud Al Maskari, Commandant National Defence College, Oman.

Ambassador at the outset appreciated and congratulated the participants of 8th round of NDC as well as underlined that Pakistan attaches great importance to its ties with Oman that are deeply embedded in bonds of affinity and kinship.

He while highlighting other issues stressed and focused on the narrative of NAYA Pakistan and its leadership’s vision of transformed Pakistan that is centered around economic security and demonstrating a shift from geo-politics to geo-economics so as to utilize its geo-economic location,which isat the crossroads of Middle East, South and Central Asia,for national and regional development. In this context, Ambassador informed the participants thatPakistan will focus on the three pillars i.e. i) connectivity; ii) providing economic bases as development strategy; and iii) peace within our borders and beyond.

Ambassador Wagan in his address to the NDC participants also share his views on CPEC. He stated that CPEC is a flagship programme under One-Road One-Belt Initiative, which is geo-strategic connecting point between South/Central Asia, China and Middle East. He was of the view that the transformational nature of CPEC will be utilized as the epic entre of Regional Connectivity.

He further elaborated Pakistan’s Narrative that it is not part of any alliance system or military/political confrontations, but it is a partner for peace and development through economic interdependence. The Naya Pakistan does not seek economic assistance, but is looking for a genuine economic partnership based on mutual benefit.

Ambassador, in his address, also emphasized the role of Pakistan against elimination of terrorism in the region and stated that Pakistan is making active contribution towards international peace and security. It remains a strong supporter of multilateralism, with UN, playing a central role for promoting a rules-based international order in the areas of (a) peace and security; (b) human rights; and (c) sustainable development.

He also informed the audience about the ‘global agenda’ of Prime Minister Imran Khan to effectively address global challenges that includes i) Sustainable Development and Poverty Alleviation; ii) Global Initiative on Debt Relief’ for Developing Countries; iii) Tackling Climate Change; iv) Combating Illicit Financial Flows; and v) Addressing the Menace of Hate Speech & Islamophobia (Pakistan’s intense diplomatic efforts have culminated in successful adoption of two key resolutions in 2020, one by the OIC and the other by the UN General Assembly).

In his address, Ambassador also highlighted the peace and security situation in South Asia with special focus on Jammu & Kashmir. He called upon International Community to play its part in stabilizing the region by resolving regional conflicts.

While briefing on bilateral relations, Ambassador stated that both countries are enjoying highly cooperative, extremely cordial and friendly ties, which are spread over many centuries. By virtue of shared history and geography as well as maritime boundaries, Oman holds undeniable significance for Pakistan. When viewed individually and collectively, Pakistan and Oman are both strategic states, thus he suggested mutual areas for Joint Investment/Joint Ventures in the fields such as Agriculture, Livestock, CPEC related projects, IT, Education, Defence and Health. He further stated that Pakistan and Oman can complement each other to achieve economic development and progress for longer benefit of people of two brotherly countries.








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