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Ambassador Syed Adil Gilani called on Mr. Dragomir J Karic, Memebr of Parliament of Serbia. In the meeting Mr. Simon Dragomir Karic and Ms. Ljubica Vukotic were also present. The Karic Family is an influential family in Serbia which besides its interest in national politics, also runs a number of projects including BKTV, BK University, manufacturing, import and export etc. Karic Family also runs the Karic Foundation for humanitarian activities. In 2017, Karic Foundation conferred award on famous Pakistani philanthropist Ms Muniba Mazari for her services. Ambassador Gilani discussed different avenues of cooperation where Karic Family can be of support. The member of Karic Family appreciated the efforts of Ambassador Gilani in enhancing Pakistan-Serbia bilateral relations and promised to extend their support for increase in the economic, cultural, education, research and tourism related bilateral relations.

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