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In order to celebrate 50th National Day of Oman, UK-born Natalie Taylor and Oman-born Anisa al Raisi have embarked on a journey of a lifetime. They will test their strength, bravery and resilience as they trek 1,400km across the spine of Oman. Pakistan Embassy has partnered with YallaGo in this expedition in terms of logistics and food supplies.

The aim of this initiative is to inspire future generations to leave their comfort zones, embrace an outdoor lifestyle, seek new adventures and reconnect with the visceral world around them. Through teamwork and shared motivation, YallaGo will stimulate, strengthen and solidify the relationship between Omani youth and other countries.

H.E. K. K. Ahsan Wagan accompanied the trekkers and trekked with them for several hours, braving the sun and the thirst-inducing conditions of the desert over a span of 30 kilometers in Al-Dhahirah Governorate, one of the world’s largest and harshest deserts. He praised Ms. Anisa and her team’s endurance and determination and wished them success in expedition.

Ambassador also gave them appreciation certificates and showed rich culture of Pakistan by offering proper Pakistani food.


Embassy of Pakistan ~ Muscat

December 07, 2020

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