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Ambassador Riffat Masood after formally presenting her credentials to the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Saturday, 2nd February 2019 became Pakistan’s first woman envoy to the Islamic Republic of Iran,

As an experienced diplomat and dedicated officer of the Foreign Service of Pakistan, she has served in several countries, including the UK, USA, France, Turkey, India and Norway. She also has a native command of Farsi.

While discussing Pakistan-Iran relations with Ambassador Masood, President Rouhani highlighted the cultural, religious, historical affinities and commonalities between the two brotherly countries. The President stated that Iran is looking forward to work closely with the new Government in Pakistan to further strengthen bilateral relation. He hoped that Ambassador Masood, given her experience in diplomacy and inter-state relations, would contribute positively in furthering bilateral relations between the two countries.

Ambassador Masood is confident that the close, historical ties between the governments and people of the two countries and the prevailing political will on both sides would provide an impetus to bilateral relations that will also augur well for peace and stability in the region.

2nd February 2019

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