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Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Ms. Leena Salim Moazzam visited Brest

Today, within the framework of the Pakistan Ambassador’s trip to Brest, a meeting was held between the Pakistan delegation and the Chairman of the Brest city executive committee Alexander Rogachuk. The purpose of the meeting is building of a bilateral dialogue between the sides in different spheres. Pakistan is interested in Brest as a ground for establishing business contacts and realization of investment projects.

During the meeting, Ms. Leena Salim Moazzam shared her impressions of our border city.

“Your city is beautiful and hospitable, as hospitable as local people. I am glad to be acquainted with Belarus, Brest and its people”, the Ambassador said.

In his turn, the Chairman of the Brest city executive committee underlined that the Brest region and Pakistan have good perspectives for enhancing economic cooperation. While last year Brest did not deliver any of its goods to Pakistan, this year the situation changed to the best: this zone’s export to the Republic of Pakistan is now around 100 000 dollars. This is why the two sides need a dialogue – to develop their further relations, from economic to cultural, etc.

The visitor expressed her hope for future partnership, that is supposed to lead to mutual benefit of the sides. Moreover, she voiced the idea of a Belarusian twin city.

“The idea of Pakistan-Belarus twin cities, that Her Excellency proposed, is very noticeable. Despite the distance between our countries, I find this idea promising. It would make sense to develop this kind of bonds between two cities that have similar light industry structure, for example, like the one that we have at our “Brest Carpets” enterprise and our garment manufactures. Such twinning could become a firm ground for developing light industry and exchanging experience in this branch”, – Mr. Rogachuk said.

During her meeting with local journalists, the Ambassador said that a Pakistan delegation would certainly visit Brest to take part in the activities dedicated to the city’s 1000th anniversary. “It is a remarkable date – both for the city and the entire country, – the Ambassador told the journalists. – Not many European cities can boast such a jubilee, this is why it is an honour to witness this historic event”. After the official part of the gathering, Ms. Moazzam went for an excursion around the city and visited the Brest hero fortress.

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