Founded in 1976, APPNA is a not-for-profit organization based in the United States with strong links to Pakistan. It engages in “medical relief and other charitable activities both at home and abroad” while also “fostering scientific development and education in the field of medicine.” In addition to its ongoing philanthropy in the United States and Pakistan, APPNA contributed to disaster relief efforts following the tsunami in Southeast Asia in 2004, Hurricane Katrina, the 2005 earthquake and 2010 floods in Pakistan, the Indonesian earthquake in 2006, the 2015 earthquake in Nepal. Most recently, it has been one of the prominent Pakistani diaspora organizations in combating COVID-19, both in the U.S. as well as in Pakistan. During the COVID-19 pandemic, APPNA has raised over a Million Dollars and donated over $850,000 both in US and Pakistan for food, PPE measures (masks, gloves, etc.), oxygen cylinders and ventilators. APPNA has also provided personal protective equipment (PPE) to 17 hospitals in 15 cities including Sialkot, Hafizabad, Gujrat and Wazirabad, etc. APPNA has collaborated with many organizations including ICNA and local food pantries in USA for food distribution while in Pakistan, APPNA organized food distribution campaigns in all regions of Pakistan in collaboration with Akhuwat, Helping Hands, Shahid Afridi Foundation and Al Khidmat.

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