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It has been observed that after the success of NADRA online website, many people have started using NADRA online system for commercial purposes and have opened up fake website and agencies/bureaus where they process NICOP/POC applications for applicants. These bureaus/agencies are not only charging extra money other than notified fee from applicants but also the complete data of applicant goes to an unknown agent.

NADRA has taken number of steps to create awareness among the applicants.

Few are as under:

  1. Launching of social media campaign along with ads;
  2. Launch of 24/7 online chat service;
  3. Information dissemination to applicants through card carrier;
  4. Launch of NADRA complaint Management system which is an online facility for lodging complaints with a reply lime of maximum 24 hours;

The applicant(s) intending to secure identity document (NICOP/POC) or desiring to visit Pakistan are advised to apply directly at the following links:

  1. (For ID)
  2. (For Visa)
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