Libya Mission Post|

Post 2011 Revolution Libyan crisis touched its peak in mid July, 2014 necessitating mass evacuation of Pakistanis affected by the crisis for reasons like being in conflict zone or having lost their means of livelihood etc. Resultantly, Prime Minister of Pakistan allocated an amount of Rs 400 million for the evacuation through flights.

Accordingly, 13 flights were chartered including 3 PIA flights. First flight reached Pakistan on 14 August, 2014 and the last flight carrying 180 passengers departed Tripoli today i.e 4th November, 2014 and is expected to reach Allama Iqbal Airport at 0030 hours on 5th November. In all, 7040 Pakistanis have been evacuated including 3310 evacuated through the chartered flights and remaining who have been facilitated through land borders/commercial flights.

This flight marks the culmination of an Evacuation exercise which was one of the largest in the history of Pakistan. Significantly, this had been undertaken in the face of extremely challenging internal and external environment. It will stand out in our history as an inspiring example of true Pakistani spirit. Government allocated substantial amount thus acknowledging and signaling to the expats that Pakistan values their contributions to our economy in the form of their hard earned revenues. Also when there is a need to cater for their welfare, Govt stands solidly behind them to look after their interests. Not only all affected Pakistanis who had opted to move back to Pakistan have been evacuated but additionally, even our prisoners suffering imprisonment on account mostly of their indulgence in illegal immigration have been rescued. The figure of release of 280 expat prisoners remains unprecedented not only in Libya but perhaps also in any other country.

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