Consular Timing: From Monday to Friday between 10-12 am

Emergency Contact Number: 0041-792576032


The  Government of Pakistan has decided to discontinue manual visa facility. To apply for Pakistan online visa please visit the following Link:

Passport Application and Requirements

Following is a quick check list of requirements:

  1. Original Valid CNIC/NICOP with photocopy
  2. Current Passport with photocopy
  3. Residence permit with photocopy
  4. Applicant has to come to the Embassy in person for his/her photograph and biometrics
  5. Also provide a return envelope (registered mail) for sending documents by post if not collecting personally.


Passport Fee

Passport Fee for 5-Years validity MRP in CHF (Swiss Franc) Fee for 10-Years validity MRP in CHF (Swiss Franc)
Normal Urgent Normal Urgent
36 Pages 35 60 53 90
72 Pages 65 100 98 150
100 Pages 70 130 105 195
1st Loss 70 180 105 270
2nd Loss 140 360 210 540
3rd Loss Case to be referred to the Ministry of Interior, Islamabad.

Pakistani Identity Cards

The Government of Pakistan has decided to allow its citizens to uitilize the facility of Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC), National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP), Pakistan Origin Card (POC) and Family Registration Certificate (FRC) to be processed online. Please apply online and have it delivered to your doorstep. To apply online please visit the following link:


  • The document issued by the Pakistan Authorities should be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad or Deputy Chief of Protocol Offices (Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta) before presenting it to this Embassy for attestation.
  • The document issued by the Local Authorities should be attested by the Swiss Federal Chancellery before presenting it to this Embassy for attestation.
  • Copy of valid CNIC/NICOP/POC of the applicant is required if document is issued by the Pakistan Authorities.


Attestation of Power of Attorney

The requirements for execution/attestation of a Power of Attorney executed by a Pakistani citizen are as follows:

  • Original valid CNIC/NICOP/POC of the Executant(s)
  • Original valid Pakistani passport of the Executant(s)
  • Original Swiss Residence Permit
  • Physical presence of the Executant(s) at the Embassy is mandatory
  • The original Power of Attorney, which is to be signed in the presence of an authorized official of the Embassy.
  • Copy of CNIC/NICOP of the Attorney(s)
  • 02 Passport size photograph of Executant(s)
  • Copies of all documents
Fee for Legalization/Attestation/Power of Attorney
Normal Fee CHF 20 Processed in 2 working days
Urgent Fee CHF 40 Processed same day




For birth registration the following is to be presented:

  1. Duly filled in application Form called Form-S for Birth Registration.
  2. Letter of Consent/No. Objection Certificate (will be provided by the consular section and both parents will have to visit to consular Section and sign the document in the presence of a consular official at the Embassy).
  3. Parents must show the following original documents to consular office and provide a copy of each:
    a. Birth Certificates bearing the name of the child and the names of the parents with photocopy.
    b. Passport and Citizen National Identity Card (CNIC) of parents with photocopy.
    c. Swiss Resident permit of parents with photocopy.
  4. 02 photos of the child for registration
  5. Also provide a return envelope (registered mail) for sending documents by post if not collecting personally.

Important Note: It is advised that parents seeking the registration of newly born child should simultaneously apply for issuance of NICOP at One can apply for Machine Readable Passport only after receiving NICOP.

For Queries/Information:

Telephone No. (+41-313501790 / 792576032)



Bank Details for payment of fee for Consular Services

The fee (Non-Refundable) should be remitted to

Account No. 235-412500.01H At UBS AG, Bern
In case of online transfer
IBAN CH12 0023 5235 4125 0001 H
Account No. 235-412500.01 H
Client No. 235-412500

In case of post transfer
IBAN CH12 0023 5235 4125 0001 H
Konto/Account 80-2-2

A credit/debit card machine is also available at the Embassy for payment of fee.

No cash payment will be accepted in any form.



Arshad Mahmood,

Consular Attache

Embassy of Pakistan, Berne, Switzerland


Contact: 0041 77 9814124

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