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In a statement, Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar took a strong exception to a Bill submitted in the US House of Representatives on Balochsitan, yesterday. She said that, though an isolated move by a few individuals, the Bill was contrary to the principles of UN Charter and international law.

The Foreign Minister said that the Bill was also against the very fundamentals of the long-standing Pakistan-US relations. The National Assembly of Pakistan had unanimously adopted a resolution condemning a recent open hearing on Balochistan by the Foreign Affairs Sub-Committee on Oversight and Investigations. The National Assembly resolution had clearly represented the legitimate reaction of the people of Pakistan.

The Foreign Minister said that such an unfriendly and irresponsible attempt by a few individuals in Washington was aimed to create distrust between the peoples of the two countries. She expressed the hope that this latest tendentious move will not be allowed to sail through the House by a vast majority of US Congressmen who continued to support friendly relations between the two countries.

18 February 2012

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