Rabat Embassy Post|

The Mission hosted a delegation of businessmen and journalists from WINGS International Magazine, Islamabad who visited the Kingdom of Morocco from 3-5 November 2019.

The aim of the visit was to understand and report the business atmosphere of the country and to identify opportunities for business ingress in the fields of primary, textile, surgical, pharmaceutical, sports goods and the shipping & logistics sector. During the visit the Delegation also visited the Headquarters of Islamic Centre for Development of Trade at Casablanca for briefing on ICDT initiatives on enhancing intra commerce & trade in the Islamic World.

The delegation also met businessmen in the field of tourism and marketing at Rabat. The Mission made a presentation on the current bilateral B2B relations between the two countries and the way forward to further enhance this symbiotic relationship. During a discussion round the Ambassador informed the delegation on the Mission’s strategy to address and enhance trade, commerce and tourism into Pakistan.

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