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Ms. Yasmin Qureshi, Member of the British House of Commons (UK), paid a courtesy call on the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs (SAPM), today, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ms. Yasmin expressed her profound grief and heartfelt condolences at the loss of precious lives as a result of the terrorist attack in Lahore.

The SAPM thanked the visiting MP for her expression of sympathy for the victims of the terrorist incident, and underlined that terrorism posed a common threat to both Pakistan and Britain. He reiterated Pakistan’s strong and unequivocal resolve to root out the menace of terrorism.

The SAPM briefed Ms. Qureshi regarding the progress made by Pakistan towards further strengthening its democratic institutions, improving governance and human rights, as well as achieving economic stability during the past two and a half years. He also highlighted the marked improvement in the internal security situation of the country as a result of Government’s comprehensive counter-terrorism strategy.

The SAPM underscored that the Pakistan and UK enjoyed a special historical relationship, and the Pakistani expatriate community in the UK was not only an integral part of the political and social fabric of the British society, but was also contributing meaningfully for the peace, development and prosperity of their adopted country. Ms. Qureshi’s presence in the British Parliament was a testimony to the achievements of the Pakistani expatriate community, he added.

Ms. Yasmin expressed satisfaction at the overall trajectory of the Pakistan-UK relations, and reaffirmed her commitment to continue working with the Government and the Parliament of Pakistan, to further strengthen these ties.

06 April 2016

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