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On 14th August 2017 following events were held to celebrate the 70th Independence Day of Pakistan in Athens:

(i) A graceful flag hoisting ceremony at the Embassy of Pakistan.

(ii) Ambassador Khalid Usman Qaiser read out messages of the President and Prime Minister and addressed the audience.

(iii) Cake Cutting Ceremony by Ambassador and his spouse

(iv) Ambassador hosted reception for 200 Pakistanis present on the occasion

(v) Book Launching Ceremony of “Justaju” the Urdu version of the “The Quest” written by Sandaleen Qaiser. The book was gifted by the Ambassador to all Pakistani Community children

(vi) Two “Grand Yom-e-Aazadi Mailas” organized Pakistani Community Organizations in Athens.

The Ambassador, in his speeches on the above occasions, made the following points.

(a) We were celebrating our 70th Independence Day (i) to honour and pay tribute to the scarifies rendered by our elders and leaders in creating Pakistan for us (ii) to recognize ourselves and to have the reorganization of our country around the world and (iii) to think about, reflect on and evaluate our deeds and shape our future strategy for the development of Pakistan and prosperity of our people.

(b) Pakistan’s foreign policy was based our Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s vision of “peace within and peace without”. Pakistan is pursuing the policy of peaceful neighbourhood and developing good and friendly relations with all nations of the world based on mutual interests and respect.

(c) Indian brutalities in the IOK must stop and the international community must help resolve the Kashmir dispute in accordance with UNSC resolutions and aspirations of the Kashmiri people.

(d) Members of the Pakistani Community must shed their petty differences with each other and unite to serve Pakistan. They must focus on the future of their children born and growing up in Greece.

(e) Pakistan Embassy in Athens will not fail in its sacred duty to serve Pakistani community in Greece.

(f) Pakistanis living and working in Greece were the real Ambassadors of Pakistan. They must abide by local laws, develop good relations with Greek society, love their own motherland and respect the county of your residency.

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