On 30th April, attended the opening ceremony of Chengdu-Eurasia National (Commodity) Pavilion and delivered a speech by Acting Consul General Mr Mahmood Akhtar. In his remarks, massive opportunities to enhance trade & investment in Pakistan were underscored. During the event, many local companies were interacted to encourage them for trade & investment in Pakistan. Mr Mahmood Akhtar also visited the Pakistan National Pavilion at Qinbaijiang Port Free Trade Zone and stressed the local company to further enhance trade of Pakistan in this region. Pakistani rice and dates were particularly displayed to project at wide range. Many items and brouchers were displayed in Pakistan Pavilion to promote Pakistani trade, investment, culture and tourism. 



On 29th April, attended 10thSichuan International Tea Expo, Chengdu. During the Expo, a special booth was established by the Consulate showcasing Pakistani products and introducing special Pakistani milk tea to mark 70thanniversary of Pakistan-China Diplomatic Relationship. A large number of visitors admired distinct taste of Pakistani milk tea.



On April 27, attended the activity of “Consular Officials Discovering Chengdu-Deyang-Meishan-Ziyang Integration Welcome to Meishan” organized by Meishan Foreign Affairs Office. During the trip, Mr. Mahmood Akhtar Mahmood, Acting Consul General visited local enterprises and projects and shared his views on development plan and achievement of Meishan. Mr. Mahmood also had conversation with the MeishanMunicipal Party Secretary and was interviewed by the CNS.



On April 26, held a meeting with senior representatives of Chongqing LongfuJiaren Company. They briefed about company and future investment in Pakistan. It was ensured the full support of the Consulate General and shared ideas to enhance trade & investment in Pakistan.



On April 23, Attended the “2021 Chengdu Roundtable on Trade and MICE cooperation for B&R and SCO. Mr. Mahmood Akhtar Mahmood, Acting Consul General, in his speaking notes, shared his views on the new opportunities for international cooperation of trade and economic exhibition in the new development pattern of “double cycle” and the influence of international public opinion on trade and economic exhibition exchanges.


On 16th April, the organizers of Silk Road International Exposition & Investment and Trade Forum for Cooperation between East and West China (SRIE) visited the Consulate General to extend an invitation to participate in 5th SRIE to be held in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province from 11-15 May, 2021. The ways & means were also discussed to exchange trade & investment cooperation between two regions.    



On April 15th attended the China (Sichuan) – Pakistan Agricultural Cooperation Promotion Conference and the inauguration ceremony of the Sichuan Liaison Office of China – Pakistan Business Council, and delivered a speech by the Acting Consul General of Pakistan, Chengdu. Video messages of the Ambassador of Pakistan to China and Director General (China) of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan were also run during the event. After the meeting, the ACG had a conversation with the participating enterprises to discuss ways & means to exchange trade cooperation between two regions and he was also interviewed by One Belt &One Road magazine.At the event, Pakistani products were also showcased to project Pakistani tourism, cultural and agriculture. Pakistani dates were liked by large number of visitors.



Participated in the 25thChongqing Urban Culture and Tourism Festival and Intercity Tourism Fair (from 9-11 April 2021) in Chongqing. In order to promote Pakistan tourism, culture and trade, Pakistan booth was showcased by Pakistani scenic photos, agricultural products i.e. dates & rice, scarves, brass, wooden handicrafts etc. Pakistani dates & rice was briefly introduced and shared its brouchers in Chinese language with visitors.


In order to celebrate 70th anniversary of Pakistan-China Diplomatic Relations, a ‘First Chengdu Super League’ cricket tournament comprising Pakistani and Chinese players, was held on Wednesday, 7th April, 2021 at Sichuan University’s stadium, Chengdu.



On April 7, Mr. Liu Qilin, President of CCPIT Yunnan Province visited the Consulate General with his delegation to discuss ways & means to exchange trade between Pakistan and Yunnan Province. During the meeting, Acting Consul General Mr. Mahmood briefed the President about agricultural products of Pakistan, such as dates and rice. It is hoped that with the support and assistance of CCPIT, more Pakistani products will enter the Chinese market. The President put forward valuable opinions and suggestions on how to promote Pakistani products.


On 25th March, 2021, the organizer of Sichuan International Aviation &Aerospace Expo met with the Acting Consul General and briefed on forthcoming 3rd Air Show. They extended invitation to the Consulate General to participate in the event.


On 24 Mar, following the interview with Sichuan University of Media and Communication the Acting Consul General had in-depth discussions with President Mr. Ma Hongkui for further cooperation between Pakistan and China in education field.



The Consulate General of Pakistan celebrated National Day of Pakistan on 23rd March, 2021 in Chengdu.



On 17th March, delivered a keynote speech in Chengdu Institute of World Affairs at the first “Diplomat Forum”. In the Forum, all diversified areas of Pakistan were emphasized i.e. culture, tourism, education, trade & investment to strengthen cooperation with China.



On 5 February 2021 Kashmir Solidary Day was held at Chengdu organized by the Consulate General of Pakistan to express the solidarity with the People of Kashmir in the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) in their struggle against Indian atrocities and to support their right of self-determination.



On 22 January: Attended the opening ceremony of Chengdu Business Unit of Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Chongqing Representative Office).



ON 21 January, a meeting was held with the Director of Foreign Office of Chengdu Technology University. During the meeting, exchange of ideas for cooperation in education & culture sectors, were discussed.


On 20th Jan, Mr. Mahmood, the Acting Consul General met with Mr. Wu, the General Manager of Primcasa Hotel Apartment. During the meeting, Mr. Wu and his delegation introduced the relevant business of the hotel and hoped to have cooperation opportunities in the future.


On 19thJan, Mr. Mahmood, the Acting Consul General had a meeting with Mr. Chen Binbin, the Deputy Division Chief of Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce, International Cooperation Service.


On January 13 2021, a meeting was held with Mr. Long Xingchun, President of Chengdu Shitong Research Institute and his delegation. The two sides had a preliminary discussion on tourism, handicraft trade and cultural promotion.


On January 12 2021, met with Mr. Yang Li-yang, Head of Pakistan Agricultural Program of Litong Food Company in the Consulate.Mr. Chen introduced the Litone chili-growing project in Pakistan and the future cooperation plan with local enterprises in Pakistan.


On January 11 2021, met with Mr. Li Hongwu, President of Sichuan Chamber of Commerce in Pakistan and Ms. Xiao Jing, representative of Sichuan Meiyan Ocean International Trading Co., Ltd.The meeting had an in-depth discussion on the import of seafood, beef, mutton and donkeys from Pakistan.


On December 18 2020.  Acting Consul General Mr. Mahmood attended the Sixth China Agricultural Brand Annual Ceremony. At the meeting, Mr. Mahmood encouraged the Chinese agriculture companies to seek cooperation between Pakistani and China.

On December 15 2020, Acting Consul General paid a visit to Qinbaijiang Port Free Trade Zone to boost Pakistan trade with China.



On Nov.27, the Acting Consul General Mr. Mahmood met with the Managers of Habib Bank Beijing Branch and discussed about further cooperation.



On NOV.26, the Sichuan International Chamber of Commerce invited our Acting Consul General Mr. Mahmood to watch the Pakistani movie “Parwaaz Hai Junoon”.



On November 22, Acting Consul General Mr. Mahmood held a meeting with Chongqing Federation of Industry and Commerce and Hyderabad Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Chongqing.

On November 18 to 21, Participate in the exchange activities of Chongqing International Cultural and Tourism. During this trip, Mr. Mahmood attended the “Chengdu-Chongqing Double City Economic Circle” Yuzhong Travel promotion conference, Wansheng Economic Development Zone cultural travel promotion conference, visited Zhongxian, Fengjie, Wushan and other counties, attended the opening ceremony of the 14th Wushan International Red Leaf Festival, and planted the international friendship tree in Wushan.



First Premier of Pakistani Movie in Chengdu – “Parwaaz Hai Junoon”

Ahead of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Pakistan in 2021, a Pakistani Air Force film “Parwaaz Hai Junoon” has been hit Chinese theaters making it the first Pakistani movie to release in Chinese mainland cinemas in decades.

In order to project Pakistani culture in Southwestern China, on 13th November, 2020 the Mission invited officials of the Chinese Government departments, Chengdu based Consulates, local trade bodies as well as some Pakistani community to film screening of Parwaaz Hai Junoon in one of the leading Chengdu cinemas centrally located at its premier show. A large number of dignitaries attended the screening event. The CATIC experts dealing with joint production of the JF-17 Thunder also attended. The event was widely covered by local media.

The Acting Consul General Mr.Mahmood Akhtar Mahmood had an interview with China Economic Net on 10th November, 2020.



Attended the investigation of poverty alleviation in Pengshui Miao autonomous county on 20th October, 2020.

2020 Chongqing International Culture & Tourism Industry Expo from Oct 15th to 18th in 2020.

This exhibition adheres to the purpose of exchanges, transactions and integrations with cultural &travel, “integration of cultural travel, looking to the future” as the theme.



Attended the Seminar on Opening up and Cooperation in Chengdu Eastern New Area in 5th Oct, 2020.



2020 Chengdu Panda International Food & Culture Festival –Pakistan Day on 2nd October, 2020, 2020at IFS the core area of Chengdu. People from Pakistan and China Singing and Dancing together to celebrate the long live friendship of Pakistan and China.People from different walks of life visited there. One hour live streaming was also broadcasted in which Pakistani & Chinese students also performed.



Acting Consul General of Pakistan Visited CRRC Ziyang on 18 Sept to discuss about current & future Projects of CRRC Ziyang with Pakistan. He was also apprised about Chinese modern technology in Railway sector.



Attend the 8th Sichuan International Healthy and Elderly Care Expo Held in Chengdu on 4th September 2020 with the theme of “Leading by Science and Technology& Healthy Future”.

Meeting with Executive Representative in Pakistan of SinohydroBureau 7 Corporation Ltd in the Consulate on 19th August, 2020.



Celebration of Pakistan Independence Day at Consulate General of Pakistan, Chengdu in 14th. August. 2020.



ACG attended the signing ceremony of cooperation agreement between South Asian Standardization (Chengdu) Research Center and Institute of Quality & Technology Management, University of the Punjab in Chengdu on 23rd July, 2020.

Delivered speech by ACG Mr. Mahmood at international online Procurement Conference on Epidemic Prevention Products organized by Sichuan CCPIT on 8th June, 2020.



3th June 2020 Chengdu World Cycling Day & Tianfu Greenway Cycling Tour

Participated in the 2020 Chengdu World Bike Day on 3rd June, 2020 advocating green travel methods and encouraging more people to use bicycles.



The 24th Chinese (Sichuan)New year Shopping Festival

The Consulate participate in the24th China(Sichuan)New Year’s Shopping Festival, “Foreign Pavilion”,in Chengdu on 24th January, 2020.

The 2nd Asia-Europe Global Partner Conference was held in Chengdu on 15th January, 2020 with the theme of “Silk Road Asia- Europe-Chengdu, Global Cooperation”

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