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In a rare and inspiring gesture of friendship, the owner of a mid-sized noodle shop Mr. He Jifa is offering complimentary meals to Pakistani nationals. In his beautiful shop ensconced in the serene and green environs of Chengdu city, Jifa greatly appreciates Pakistan”s eternal friendship with China and says that his gesture ‘is a testament that Pakistan resonates in the heart and souls of the Chinese people”.

A signboard at his hand-ripping noodles shop displaying both Chinese and Pakistani flags has this inscription: “Friendship: Welcome Pakistani friends, please enjoy your meal (free of charge)!”

Consul General of Pakistan, Muhammad Mudassir Tipu, touched by Jifa’s sentiments and his thoughtfulness for Pakistan visited the shop today and ate traditional Chinese noodles there with chopsticks savouring last of its delicious bites. While talking to Jifa CG asked what motivated him to offer complimentary meals to Pakistanis? Jifa’s response was compelling. He said he was deeply impressed with Pakistan’s assistance to Sichuan province when it was hit hard by a calamitous earthquake in 2008 and still remembered how the “tents gifted by Pakistan helped save lives of many people”.

Jifa also added that on Tik Tok he has seen many videos uploaded by Chinese nationals in which Pakistani businessmen, in deference to Pakistan’s relations with China, often did not charge Chinese people for the items they chose. In a similar manner, Jifa thought it was an obligation on him to show his sentiments towards fellow Pakistanis by not charging them at his shop.

The CG thanked Jifa for his generosity and hoped that many Pakistanis would enjoy tasty meals at his shop and invited Jifa to visit Pakistan and explore the sights and sounds of Pakistan. CG underscored that people like Jifa truly symbolized the depth and strength of Sino-Pakistan ties who have made incredible and real efforts to solidify this relationship at people-to-people level. Jifa showed tremendous excitement for CG’s offer and hoped he would soon visit “the beautiful and adorable Pakistan”.?

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