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Commenting on David E. Sanger and Eric Schmitt’s article titled “Pakistani Nuclear Arms Pose Challenge to U.S. Policy” published by New York Times on 31 January 2011, the Foreign Office Spokesman said that unnecessary alarmist reporting about Pakistan’s nuclear programme continues to surface occasionally.

In the nuclearized environment of South Asia, Pakistan continues to follow a responsible policy of maintaining credible minimum deterrence. Pakistan is mindful of the need to avoid arms race with India but would never compromise on its national security.

Pakistan attaches importance to ensuring peace, security and stability in South Asia and is mindful of the adverse implications of “selectivity” and “exceptionalism” in evidence on issues of nuclear non-proliferation.

Pakistan has consistently advocated to India the need to resume the stalled Pakistan-India Dialogue, including on issues of peace and security. In this context, Pakistan’s proposal for strategic restraint regime in South Asia, including nuclear and conventional forces as well as resolution of all issues and dispute is of extreme importance.

01 February 2011

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