Pakistan condemns in the strongest possible terms yet another Islamophobic act of public desecration of the Holy Quran in Sweden.

Permission to carry out premeditated and provocative acts of religious hatred cannot be justified under the guise of freedom of expression, opinion and protest.

International law categorically obliges States to prevent and prohibit deliberate incitement to hatred, discrimination and violence on the basis of religion or belief.
The disturbing recurrence of such Islamophobic incidents, which have hurt the sentiments of over 2 billion Muslims worldwide, is both legally and morally reprehensible.

Pakistan reiterates its call on the international community to unequivocally condemn these Islamophobic acts, isolate those who stoke religious hatred, build deterrence and promote mutual respect, tolerance and harmony among religions, faiths and cultures.

We expect the Swedish authorities to take all measures necessary to stop such acts of hatred and incitement. Pakistan’s concerns about the latest incident are being conveyed to the Swedish authorities.

20 July 2023

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