Chengdu Mission|

On 24th 2018, the Consul General participated in the “Belt and Road Davos Forum: Interregional Cooperation for a New Globalization”, held at the World Economic Form, Davos.

While speaking at the occasion, the CG underscored that OBOR was indeed a transformational project and would be a catalyst to (a) reduce poverty in the region, (b) provide economic opportunities, (c) promote peace and stability, and (d) mitigate conflict. He stressed that CPEC ( China-Pakistan Economic Corridor) was a flagship project of OBOR and successful evolution of CPEC-related projects, in a short period of 3-4 years, clearly demonstrated that OBOR countries could benefit from Pakistan’s learning curve maturing due to Pakistan’s extensive engagement with the Chinese counterparts in realizing CPEC’s fifty-plus billion dollars projects. He highlighted that CPEC was the largest project ever conceived and executed between two sovereign countries. The CG also highlighted Gawadar’s significance in providing a deep underscored how it would contribute in opening up enormous trade opportunities in the Eurasian region and beyond. He also underscored that Pakistan, having consolidated notable gains in war on terror, was firmly set to take off economically and was an attractive destination for investment.

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