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His Excellency Mr. Danial Mohebi, Governor General Seistan-o- Balochistan welcomed the undersigned in his office and after exchange of usual courtesies and thanking for giving time at a short notice, addressed that he felt much honored to discuss some points with the representatives of a friendly and neighboring brotherly country of Pakistan. His Excellency emphasized the links and common connections between them. He pointed out that some of the main examples of the said commonalities are the cultural, religious and language and literature features that both countries have so much close intimations. He mentioned that even some individual in the history of the two countries had very affective roles and even these prominent individual have same influence on the connection between the two countries of Iran and Pakistan. His Excellency mentioned that the role of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Iqbal Lahori is as important and similar to that of Dr. Shariati in Iran and there so many cases of the influences of Iqbal in Persian language poetry and culture that are appreciated and honored in Iran as well as Pakistan. His Excellency mentioned that here in Iran Iqbal Lahori is known as the most Iranian foreigner and the most Sunni, Shea whose poems in Persian are the best example for he was a philosopher a historian had an important role regarding extension of Islamic culture to world. His Excellency pointed out in Iran Doctor Ali Shariati who was sociologist and a historian had the same function for this connection and unity.

Pakistani Consul General Mr. Mohammad Rafi in Zahidan welcome His Excellency as Governor General Seistan and Baluchistan and appreciates expected cooperation for enhancing trade exchanges between two countries and specifically two neighboring provinces. Pakistan is trying to improve our relation for better cooperation. Regarding the security and problems created by the people from both sides, Consul replied that there is no doubt Iran is just like Pakistan for us and informed that efforts have been made to improve the security issues. Consul also invited the attention of His Excellency pointed out that except Zahidan Chamber of Commerce the participation of other Chamber of Commerce under the jurisdiction of this Consulate is necessary for improvement of trade and requested to ensure it in forthcoming meeting of Joint Border Trade Committee’s meeting to be held at Quetta Pakistan. This will be most helpful to achieve the target of five 05 billion US$.

The meeting lasted for about one & half hour in a cordial atmosphere. Mr. Muhammadi Hadi Merashi, Deputy Governor (Law & Enforcement) was also present in the meeting.

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