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Requirements for Business Visa:

1.         Valid passport
2.         Documents showing substantial investment / export / import during last year.
3.         Registration letter from Tourism Division (in case of hotel business)
4.         Other business documents (i.e. letter from Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Registrar of Company, partnership deed, article of association etc.)
5.         Duly filled in visa form
6.         Three recent photographs
7.         Visa fee payable in US dollars

Requirements for obtaining passport:

Application for New passport in Lieu of Expired or Exhausted passport

All applicants should submit:

1.         Old passport.
2.         Original Pakistan National Identity Card along with a photocopy.
3.         Four current passport size (2X2, Front Face) latest photographs.
4.         Application Form: “A”, “T” and Memorandum.
5.         Proof of residence in Senegal.

: Applicants under 18 years of age should submit an original RG-II (Registration Form “B”) along with a photocopy. Also, a Pakistan National Identity Card with photograph is required for all women.


Application for a Duplicate passport in lieu of lost passport.

Applicants should submit:

1.         Copy of lost passport.
2.         Original Pakistan National Identity Card.
3.         Original document of Police report regarding loss of passport.
4.         Six passport size (2X2, Front Face) latest photographs.
5.         Documentary evidence showing proof of Pakistan nationality, i.e., citizenship certificate, Domicile certificate issued by the Government of Pakistan.

In addition to the above requirements, New/Duplicate passports will be issued to Pakistan nationals only after Police Verification from Pakistan.

Registration of Pakistani children born abroad

Complete Form “S-1”
Two Current Photographs of the child
Original birth certificate and a copy of the Passport.
Proof of father’s Pakistani nationality (NIC or Passport) attach photocopy
Registration fee
Fee is payable in U.S. dollars payable to the Embassy of Pakistan. All fees are non-refundable.

Endorsements / Amendments in passport and extension of limited validity of passport (Form – C)

Complete FORM “C”
Original national ID card (Copy if original is not available).
Two photographs of child – endorsements in passport
Endorsement/Amendment fee
Extension of limited validity passport

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