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Welcome to Bangladesh. We wish to share with you following tips, which might be helpful for you during your stay in Bangladesh:

  • Please keep your paperwork complete in all respects. Your visa should be valid all the time and  your Pakistani documents, especially your passport, should be valid.
  • The terms “Bhai” (Vai). “Apa”, “Aunty” and “Uncle” are used often among friends and with elderly people.
  • Hosts are culturally obliged to offer guests something to eat, so expect refreshments and snacks during any visit. Make suitable arrangements when you invite someone to your office for a meeting.
  • Wearing kurta (locally called Punjabi) or Shalwar Kameez (locally called Kabuli) is acceptable and appreciated by locals when you are invited to their residences.
  • Use both hands for handing gifts. In addition to Pakistani handicrafts, Pakistani branded unstitched or stitched clothes are popular in Bangladesh which may be considered as good gifts.
  • Avoid discussion on politics and religion.
  • Try to find commonalities between Pakistan and Bangladesh and appropriately appreciate them.
  • Be polite, humble and show understanding and respect for local cultures.
  • Communication in low and respectful voices is usually appreciated in this country. Avoid loud expressions which will be considered as a sign of arrogance and disrespect.
  • Cricket is a very popular game in Bangladesh. Pakistani cricketers are very well known. You would be expected to know about the Bangladesh cricket team or ongoing matches. Discussion on cricket helps break the ice.
  • Bangladesh generally understands and loves music. Many Pakistani composers and singers are very well known and well appreciated here. Conversation around music will also be helpful in promoting convergence.
  • Your conduct at a public space will be associated with Pakistan’s cultural ethos. Therefore, if you are visiting religious congregations or cultural functions, shopping malls, markets, parks and other public places, you must set an example of patience, forbearance, dignity, sincerity and sympathy.
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