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Do’s Don’ts
Follow local laws and rules. Do not indulge in illegal practices.
Speak respectfully and politely, Portuguese people are warm and friendly in nature and like such people. Treat others as equals. Do not be rude towards anyone.
Interact formally with people you do not know or meet in official capacity. Using titles with names (Senhor/Senhora etc.) is recommended. Do not spit on the floor; throw cigarette butts or garbage on the floor. It is considered a serious disrespect.
Show respect towards religion (especially Catholic faith) and culture of the Portuguese people.  Do not refer to colonialism or dictatorship in the context of Portuguese history in an unpleasant manner.
While political and religious subjects are not taboo, they are sensitive topics. Always be respectful while discussing such subjects Do not assume that Portuguese language is the same as the Spanish language. Do not compare Portugal with Spain saying that they are similar.
When visiting libraries, monuments, churches or other historic places, do not shout. Keep your voice as low as possible. Do not swear in public especially while driving. Do not drive aggressively. Do not ignore driving rules, including parking. Do not park in front of doors of private houses.
If you wish to smoke, chose a smoking area or ask others around you if they mind your smoking. Do not smoke next to someone who is eating. Do not smoke inside a car that is not your own.
Be sympathetic and  caring if someone shares one’s problems with you Do not refer to others by their physical traits, by their skin color or nicknames. Portuguese people are very conscious of equality and condemn discrimination.
Dress modestly in day-to-day routine. Do not constantly compare your country of origin with Portugal as if it is a competition. Each country has its own advantages and disadvantages.
Do respect the elderly, Portuguese elderly people enjoy telling their stories. Listen carefully and politely. Do not make comments on other people’s physical appearance especially women.
Do respect nature, especially animals. Portuguese people are fond of animals and many consider their pets as part of their family. Do not harm animals or criticize their owners. Do not exit buildings/grocery stores from entrance doors or vice versa.
Do open doors for the elderly and women to pass. Give way to the elderly in public transport. If there are few seats available in a public place, offer them to the elderly and women, especially women with children. Do not boast or exaggerate your achievements, status or wealth. Portuguese people appreciate a sense of modesty.
Do apologize when you bump into someone accidentally or touch another person accidentally. Do not eat while talking or walking. It is considered impolite.
Do appreciate Portuguese cuisine as Portuguese people are proud of their cuisine.


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