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List of Do’s and Don’ts

  • Always keep your Passport/ID/Visa documents or credentials with yourself.
  • Register with the local police station upon arrival in Kyrgyzstan (for students).
  • Refrain from discussing politics, religion, local criticism, state functionaries.
  • One’s passport, money and personal belongings should not be entrusted to any unknown individual under any circumstances.
  • Desist from going outside during late night hours.
  • Abstain from smoking indoors other than the designated zones.
  • Avoid walking on greenbelts while using sidewalks; creating noise or a ruckus in public areas; throwing rubbish other than in rubbish dumps.
  • Keep one’s residential address and utilize the translator to explain to the cab drivers who are only conversant in Kyrgyz or Russian.
  • Politeness should dictate interactions with the indigenous population while respecting local culture and laws.
  • The Embassy may be promptly approached for any consular assistance/guidance.
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