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  • Respect the Myanmar people and their unique traditions. Most Burmese are devout Buddhists, and while they will not impose their beliefs on visitors, they will expect you to pay due respect to their traditional practices. The Burmese appreciate the effort of your trying to observe their way of living.
  • Maintain cleanliness and keep your surroundings clean.
  • Always travel on right visa category and never mislead the local authorities.
  • Respect the elders: Let the oldest be served first, and bend a bit when crossing close in front of the elders.
  • Wear decent clothes when visiting religious sites: Please cover your shoulders and knees, and take off your shoes and socks when entering pagoda areas.
  • When sitting, avoid pointing the soles of the feet towards people or in the direction of Buddha images as this is considered offensive.


  • Don’t go to restricted/prohibited zones without seeking prior permission to government. Myanmar is slowly opening up and more destinations will be accessible to foreigners in the future.
  • Don’t come for employment under the contractual engagements of Golden Easter Globe and Huan Que Company.
  • Don’t sit with back against Buddha image. Don’t handle Buddha Images or sacred object with disrespect. Don’t keep Buddha Images or sacred objects in inappropriate places.
  • During period of Covid pandemic, please follow instruction of concerned health authorities.
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