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Do’s in Oman

Follow the dress code
Oman is a country where a lot of expats work and live. Although you will see a lot of foreigners wearing shorts, it’s improper not to follow the country’s dress code especially if you are visiting sacred places.

Respect the country’s mosques
Islam is the main religion in Oman, which is why you will see a lot of mosques where Muslims worship. Do respect every mosque you will see in the country.

Accept Omani invitations.
Omanis are so hospitable that they invite even strangers to their home. If you encounter a family who’s offering their homemade meals and sweet, accept them. Omanis f’eel appreciated when visitors accept what they can offer.

Speak with decency.
When you are in the street or public places, you should watch out for words. Omanis do everything they can to maintain the peacefulness of the country. They don’t block the words, they don’t blow their horns, and they don’t speak loudly on streets.

Ask permission when taking pictures of Omanis
If you are used to taking pictures of people in your home country, treat Oman as different. You will need to ask permission from Omanis before you can take pictures of them. Taking their photos without consent is a violation of their personal privacy.

Learn about Oman’s laws
Try to allocate time to study their laws, specifically about road signs, visas, passports, and other legal things. This will help one with a lot of issues in the future. For instance, Omani hotels might (not always) refuse accommodation to heterosexual couples that aren’t married and homosexuality is illegal in Oman.

Special Precautions during Ramadan
Eating, drinking, smoking, playing loud music during daylight hours of Ramadan is strictly forbidden and punishable by law. This includes non Muslims as well.


Don’ts in Oman

Alcohol and drugs are restricted.
In Oman, alcohol drinks and drugs are restricted. Alcohols are not totally banned but make sure not to drink in public places and streets. You can bring your alcoholic drinks at home for consumption.

Don’t mock Omani tradition
If you want Omanis to respect you and your culture, don’t mock Omani tradition. Show your respect every time you see people act or behave based on their tradition. Show that you are willing to learn them as well so that more Omanis will appreciate your actions.

Don’t carry weapons
Oman is considered one of the safest countries in the Middle East and carrying deadly weapons will make one end up in jail or paying fines.


General Guidance for Expatriate workers

  •  In case, a Pakistani is on work visa he should get his Labor / Residence Card within one month of arrival in Oman. He should not leave his passport till it expires and should get it renewed it before its expiry date.
  • Keep a copy of work contract in order to know duties and rights.
  •  Expatriate workers are entitled to have their employer insure them against work accidents and injuries.
  • In case their monthly salary is delayed, they have the right to ask manager for it; in case the manager does not respond, they have to inform the competent Department of the Ministry of Manpower.
  • In case they are assigned to work for extra hours, employer must compensate them as per the conditions of the Omani Labor Law.
  • They should not leave their work with the employer they are licensed to work for and start working for another employer that they are not licensed to work for because this exposes them to legal penalties of prison and fine.
  • They should cooperate with officials; because if anyone deliberately obstructs or disrupts an official from exercising their authorities or fulfilling any of their duties shall be punished by fine, imprisonment or both; and the penalty shall be doubled if the offense is repeated.
  • Strike is organized by legal procedures issued by the Ministry of Manpower; and strike is not allowed in the institutions that offer public or basic services for the
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