Tunis-Embassy Posts|

• Tunisians like Pakistanis are proud of their religion, culture and freedom struggle against colonial rule. Appreciate commonalities between Pakistan and Tunisia.

• Please ensure to have complete paperwork/documentation for your stay in Tunisia, including valid passport and visa. It is important to be mindful of the duration of visa. Overstay can lead to hefty penalties.

• Keep some cash in hand as many taxis and restaurants do not accept credit/debit cards.

• Avoid political discussion on internal situation in Tunisia.

• Law and order situation in Tunisia is generally stable. However, avoid roaming around late night.

• Bargaining is acceptable in kiosks, street vendors and tourist shops. However Tunisian shopkeepers have indifferent temper. Therefore, do not argue over price beyond a point.

• Ideal time to travel to Tunisia is from September to June. July-August can be hot and humid.

• Avoid desert safaris in Southern Tunisia during summer season. Temperature in the desert can rise quickly and to dangerous proportions.

• Tunisians by and large, have moderate religious outlook and religion is regarded as a private matter. Tunisian women are emancipated and play a positive role in the society and the workforce. Debates on religion and cultural norms of Tunisia must be avoided.

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