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The European Union has lifted the ban imposed on the import of fishery products from Pakistan since 2007 due to sanitary and phyto-sanitary concerns. The EU has notified re-listing of two Pakistani fishery establishments. The fishery imports from Pakistan will resume with effect from 12 March 2013.

Pakistani fishery products have considerable demand in the EU market. Pakistan has the potential to get a market share of more than US$ 100 million within few years. The latest decision reflects the EU’s confidence in the re-instituted sanitary and phyto-sanitary measures at the fish storage facilities and export terminals in Pakistan.

The lifting of EU restrictions on Pakistan’s fishery products comes within months of entry into force of Pakistan specific Autonomous Trade Preferences (ATPs) on 75 product line and is an indication of growing economic relations between Pakistan and the EU.

27 February 2013

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