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(2011-03-01) Updating about the evacuation of Pakistani nationals from Libya, the Foreign Office Spokesperson gave the following information:-

· A chartered flight arrived from Istanbul to Lahore on 1 March, at 0045 hours with 174 Pakistanis on board.

· Another chartered flight with 180 Pakistanis on board arrived from Istanbul to Lahore on March 1, at 0945 hours.

· 274 Pakistani nationals have boarded a Turkish ship from Ben Ghazi Libya for Marmara port in Turkey. They will be airlifted from there possibly on 3 March, 2011.

· 350 Pakistani nationals will leave for Salloumb on the Egyptian border on 2 March, 2011. Another group of 162 Pakistanis will also leave for Salloumb on 2 March, 2011.

· 20 Pakistanis who have arrived at Salloumb will depart from Cairo on 2 March 2011 for Bahrain and from Bahrain to Islamabad.

· 30 Pakistanis have arrived at the Algerian border town Debdab. They are being booked on Qatar airlines for Karachi.

· Around 300 people are expected to arrive at the Tunisian border town. They will be airlifted to Pakistan.

· 10 persons have arrived at the Tunisian border town of Suesse. They are expected to depart for Karachi on 3 March, 2011.

Pakistani Mission in Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria are being strengthened by deploying more officers and staff. Field and camp offices are being established at salient border crossings along the Libyan border with these countries. Caseload by sea is mostly being handled by our Missions in Ankara and Istanbul.

The Foreign Ministry has requested the Ministry of Interior, all Provincial Governments, Civil Aviation Authority, Customs and Immigration to set-up facilitation desks at all International Airports for the returnees.

Exodus from Libya is now mostly taking place by land. Foreign Ministry will continue to provide updates on the basis of information received from our Missions in the region and towns bordering Libya.

The challenges of safe evacuation remain considerable but will be overcome with the support of all concerned Government Departments and above all our patriotic people.

01 March 2011

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