Libya Mission Post|

Prime Minister of Pakistan has been very generous in understanding plight of Pakistanis in Libya.  Today, he has given his decision, in principle, to evacuate stranded Pakistanis from Libya on government expense.  This decision has been greatly appreciated and Embassy premises were echoing with loud slogans on decision taken by the Government of Pakistan.  The follow up action on the chartering of aircraft with exact commencement of evacuation and other necessary details like prioritization of affected Pakistanis is being worked upon by the Pakistan Embassy in Tripoli and the Crisis Management Cell Libya under MOFA.

Today, 57 Pakistani detainees were got released by the Embassy from Zliton detention centre.  It may be noted that yesterday, 27 detainees were also got released from the same detention centre.

Those companies who have employed Pakistanis in Libya are being asked by the Pakistan Embassy to fulfill their professional and moral obligations of evacuation of stranded Pakistanis working with them.  A case in point is Barga Construction Company, Benghazi, which has agreed to bear all expenses of repatriation of their 80 Pakistani workers from Libya to Pakistan..

Pakistan Embassy in Tripoli will remain open on weekends due to the present crisis.

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