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Foreign Minister Shah Makhdoom Qureshi today received Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad, U.S. State Department Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation. Ambassador Khalilzad updated the Foreign Minister about U.S. efforts to promote peace and stability in Afghanistan. He shared that the Afghan peace and reconciliation process was moving forward steadily.

The Foreign Minister welcomed the progress in the peace process. He also appreciated efforts of Ambassador Khalilzad in this regard.

The Foreign Minister said that Pakistan had played its due role in facilitating direct talks with Taliban that was nearing fruition. Pakistan believed that a stable and peaceful Afghanistan was essential for regional peace, economic development and connectivity, the Foreign Minister said.

Noting the International Conference being hosted by Pakistan to mark 40 years of Pakistan’s hospitality to the Afghan refugees, the Foreign Minister said that a time bound and well-resourced road-map for return of the Afghan refugees with dignity and honour should form part of the future Afghan settlement deal.



17 February 2020

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