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Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and U.S. Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken, in a meeting today in New York, reaffirmed the strong determination of Pakistan and the U.S. to strengthen their broad-based longstanding bilateral relations.

The Foreign Minister and Secretary Blinken had an hour-long meeting at the UN Headquarters. This was their first face-to-face meeting following their extensive telephone conversation on May 6.

The Foreign Minister is visiting New York to participate in the “Global Food Security Call to Action” Ministerial meeting to be chaired by Secretary Blinken in the afternoon at the UN Headquarters. The Foreign Minister will also address the UN Security Council on Thursday, May 19.

The Foreign Minister and the Secretary of State covered the full spectrum of Pakistan-U.S. relations and discussed global and regional situation.

The two sides expressed satisfaction over the ongoing bilateral engagement in the areas of trade and investment, climate, energy, health and education and underlined the need to further reinforce cooperation through dialogue and decisions at a higher level.

The Foreign Minister and Secretary Blinken noted the recent growth of the tech sector in Pakistan. Secretary Blinken said the U.S. would support Pakistan to make its tech industry more productive.

The Foreign Minister said, “Pakistan will work with the U.S. Administration to improve trade relations between Pakistan and the United States and create opportunities for American investors and Pakistani investors, and Pakistani businessmen and American entrepreneurs to work together”.

Both sides agreed to intensify their cooperation in the area of women empowerment. The Foreign Minister said that this is an absolute priority for the Government of Pakistan.

The Foreign Minister briefed Secretary Blinken about the endeavors being made by Pakistan to stabilize its economy. In response, Secretary Blinken said the U.S. Government would be supportive of Pakistan’s efforts in that direction.

The Foreign Minister and Secretary Blinken expressed their resolve to work on their shared objectives of a peaceful and stable Afghanistan. The Foreign Minister underscored the importance of inclusivity, protection of human rights, especially of women and girls, and timely humanitarian relief in Afghanistan. The Foreign Minister further stressed the importance of effective ways to address the threat of terrorism, now and in the future.

The Foreign Minister said that conflicts can be very traumatic for nations as was evident from the prolonged struggle against international terrorism, which had affected our region and beyond.

The Foreign Minister stressed that Pakistan remained extremely concerned over the rising Islamophobia and gross human rights violations in IIOJK as well as against the minorities which was threatening regional peace and stability.

The Foreign Minister maintained that the immediate challenge in Afghanistan was how to avert dire humanitarian crisis and stressed it was essential to consider additional ways to facilitate banking channels to spur economic activity.

The Foreign Minister underlined the importance to the adherence by all member States to the Charter Principles of non-use or threat of use of force, respect for sovereignty of states, and pacific settlement of disputes.

The Foreign Minister said Pakistan was facing challenges in food security, water security and energy security because of a whole host of issues ranging from climate change and global developments.

Referring to Pakistan’s current Chairmanship of Group of 77, Secretary Blinken said that the U.S. looked forward to strengthening its relations with that Group through dialogue and communication. The Foreign Minister welcomed the proposal and said that Pakistan would fully engage with the U.S. for promoting dialogue between the G77 and the U.S.

18 May 2022

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